Entreprenuer || Added untested scoreboard 1.1 beta

A simple job plugin for your players

  1. azamp19
    This plugin is a simple jobs plugin that does not use vault yet.
    this plugin is not for use on other job plugins it is its own thing.
    -you can create your own companies
    -hire employees
    - add jobs
    -Scoreboard || untested
    -create (Company name) || use this to create a company
    -hire (Player) || Use this to hire workers
    -join (company name)|| use this to join the company you were hired at
    - addjob (job name)|| use this to add jobs warning completely pointless at the moment
    - auto pay based on job
    - make a specific job and price.
    -add more features.
    -add income
    Please tell me if anything doesn't work I will get to work right away.

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  1. Added scoreboard

Recent Reviews

  1. Mikhail
    Version: 1.1 beta
    The lack of feedback given by the plugin, coupled with it's lack of documentation, doesn't allow me to accurately assess whether it has or hasn't worked. If there should have been a scoreboard involved at any point, it simply didn't work.

    In it's current broken, or otherwise irresponsible, state, I cannot recommend it to anyone.
    1. azamp19
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the rating I am working on it.
  2. johnc291992
    Version: 1.0 beta
    This plugin does not work as advertised.... it does not do any jobs handling at all, not implementation of actually doing jobs and earn some thing...
    1. azamp19
      Author's Response
      I did not say it has economy read the description.