Epic Kitpvp [Skript] Version 3

A KitPvp Skript Full Of Things!

  1. Juppi
    In this Kitpvp Skript Pack there are Several Features. A kit selector with Gui. Warp Selector with Gui. Clear Chat, AutoBroad Caster. Everything This Skript is Simple And Easy To Edit. if you ever have any questions just msg me one here~!

    • Custom Bank (EnderChest)
    • 9 Kits (More To Come)
    • Semi-Balanced Kit
    • Clear Chat Command
    • Event Command
    • Kit Selector
    • Warps Selector
    • Item Nametags
    • Mute System
    • Banks
    • Do /setwarp area1-8 To Set warps For Warp Selector
    • Dont Forget To Get Skript.Jar!
    • Must Have Skquery Also
    • /Jkit{kit name}
    • /event [<text>]
    • /Jkitpvpreload
    • /clearchat
    • /cc
    • /item-nametag
    • /jmute
    • juppi.donor (Used For All Donor Classes)
    • event.admin
    • juppi.chat
    • juppi.tags
    • juppi.mute
    http://gyazo.com/237410b938e4ca4c8785a6aa46200bec <> Broadcaster<>

    Contact Me
    - on here. Just send me a PM and I will reply with anything that you need

    Planned Update's
    Rewarding Chest 25% Done
    Kill Counter Havent Started
    Item Name Tag's (Rename Weapons) 90%
    Kill Shop Havent Started
    Abilty's (Need Ideas To Start)
    Mob Events (Maybe)

    Servers Using This:

    Updating Soon
    Leave Idea's!

    Want me to make you a Custom Skript? Pm Me I work Cheap And Fast

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Recent Reviews

  1. Rethan2213
    Version: Version 3
    Didn't give me the kit selector at first which was weird. I fixed myself though. This is great though!
  2. MrNixa
    Version: V.2
    Not bad, but there is some stuff that are bad, but i like the whole idea of it maybe next update will be better.
    1. Juppi
      Author's Response
      Any ideas what to remove // ^_^ my next update im working on isnt that big becuase i need ideas ;u; so if you have any just let me know
  3. scareface
    Version: V.2
    Really good job brother! just one thing, can you do a tutorial of how to use the skript please?