EpicCraftings 2.1.2

Create custom crafts in a very unique way!

  1. 2.1.2

    -Added /ecraft give command on the console.
  2. 2.1.1

    -Updated to 1.13 and 1.13.1 (This version still works with 1.8-1.12).
    -Added Material error checks.
  3. 1.13.1

    -Added small API. Just one event for now.

    For this to work you need to add my plugin to your plugin external jars dependencies and to set softdepends: EpicCraftings on your plugin.yml file

    Code (Java):
    //Event called when player successfully craft an item and materials are removed from player inventory.
        public void testEvent(EpicCraftingsCraftEvent event){
            Player jugador = event.getPlayer();
            String craftName =...
  4. 1.12.2

    -Fixed severe error with missing Crafting Places messages on messages.yml file.
    -Fixed armor stands spawned on /ecraft setplace command. For some reason you were able to place armor on them, but now you can't.
    -Fixed bug with the Hologram of Crafting Places. Players were able to use a nametag, but now they can't.
    -Fixed bug when trying to check updates.
  5. 1.12.1

    -Now the plugin have compatibility with CraftBukkit again. I've managed to fix the Unbreakable issue, so now you can use the plugin with Spigot or Craftbukkit.
    -Fixed important bug if users have the required items on armor.
    -Fixed craftings and required items with unbreakable flag.
    -Fixed bugs with required items on left hand and armor when hide-required-items-flags option is enabled.
  6. 1.11.2

    -Fixed severe bug with required items on left hand not lost (1.9+) when crafting.
  7. 1.11.1

    -Fixed some messages errors.
    -Now you can edit the "craft" path on the messages.yml file and leave it empty, just to remove a bug space with previous versions.
  8. 1.11.0

    -Now the plugin support craftings with UNBREAKABLE flag.
    Is very simple to use, just add unbreakable: true to the crafting you want.

    -From this version (1.11.0), the plugin will work only on Spigot. (Because of the unbreakable flag. I hope I find a solution for this, and in the future add compatibility with Bukkit too)

    -Fixed a severe bug with the amount of each crafting when creating a new page.
  9. 1.10.1

    -Updated to 1.12
  10. 1.9.22

    -Bugs fixed related with the hide item flags option on required items