EpicGuard | Advanced Server Protection (AntiBot & More) 3.13.0

Spigot & Bungee | Advanced server protection package!

  1. [3.5-b1] GUI Redesign

    • Plugin's GUI has been rewritten from scratch. It is now more efficient, without useless information. Added Cloud status, and latest log detection (Screenshots below).
    • Rewritten GUI with new menu items, and new multi-version material utils (Compatible with 1.8.x - 1.15.x).
    • Moved Cloud, to prevent random disconnects.
    • Fixed infinite whitelist adding.
    • Fixed trying to get not existing IP from the Geodatabase.
    • GUI refreshes now every second (previously it was 2 seconds, because of poorly optimized GUI code).
    • Attack Title is now displayed every 11 seconds (previously 6 seconds)
    • Changed priority of checks.
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