EpicGuard | Advanced Server Protection [AntiBot & more] 3.8.1

Spigot & Bungee | Advanced server protection package!

  1. [3.8.1] Bugfix update.

    • Fixed CustomTabComplete module conflicting with its bypass mode.
    • Improved default config, by disabling country filter to prevent pre-configured IP blacklists.
    • Bungeecord version does not spam [ConnectionCloser] now.
  2. [3.8.0] New permissions.

    • Added new bypass permissions for 2 modules, you can toggle on or off if these permissions should be enabled.
    • Fixed issue with not erasing file with database download timestamp after updating it (This was causing database updating on every run after 1 week passed).
    • Added optional setting - new Beta-Layout, enabling this (server must restart) will change the design of /guard status: action bar will display...
  3. [3.7.0] CustomTabComplete, and bug fixes

    • Added ConfIgUpdater: Your config.yml file will automatically update, no need to reset your config or manually add missing values!
    • Added CustomTabComplete module. This will replace default /<tab> which prints every command in the server, with your custom list. NOTE: Enabling this module, will override regular tab-completion, which means, arguments won't work anymore.
    • Improved AntiBypass, by removing detections, already handled by...
  4. [3.6.1] Hotfix

    • Finally fixed CloudTask lags (and possibly crashes), by replacing Sync task with Async task. You can now safely enable cloud features. I suggest deleting the EpicGuard/data/data_flat.yml file because it contains invalid addresses.
    • Fixed title messages not colored.
    • Cloud has been reset and is now blocking most of MCSpam proxies.
  5. [3.6.0] Performance Update.

    Your config.yml file will be automatically regenerated, and a backup will be created in the "deprecated0" directory.


    • Many optimizations, faster cloud sync, and faster proxy checking, the plugin should no longer be showing high usage on timings.
    • The configuration is no longer separated in 4 different files, and now everything has been merged into the main config.yml file.
    • Now you can only use proxycheck.io as proxy/VPN checker....
  6. [3.5-b2] Geo Database updater.

    • If your GeoDatabase is older than 1 week, it will be automatically updated. This means better country detection, and primarily, the plugin is now compliant with new Maxmind's GeoLite2 EULA (https://www.maxmind.com/en/end-user-license-agreement).
    • Updated Cloud with 30k+ addresses.
    • Improved AntiBypass, and fixed bugs with its detection.
    • Fixed many other minor bugs with country detection.
    Soon, there will be a complete rewrite of...
  7. [3.5-b1] GUI Redesign

    • Plugin's GUI has been rewritten from scratch. It is now more efficient, without useless information. Added Cloud status, and latest log detection (Screenshots below).
    • Rewritten GUI with new menu items, and new multi-version material utils (Compatible with 1.8.x - 1.15.x).
    • Moved Cloud, to prevent random disconnects.
    • Fixed infinite whitelist adding.
    • Fixed trying to get not existing IP from the Geodatabase.
    • GUI...
  8. [3.4.0-b3] Command Rewrite

    • Totally rewritten command system:
      • Added tab completion for plugin's commands.
      • Commands can be now executed by the console.
      • Changed look of some commands.
    • Fixed AntiBypass V2 bug, with not hiding quit message.
    • Attack notifications title has a new variable "{TIME}" displaying how long attack is.
    • Attack notifications title is now displaying every ~6 seconds instead of displaying for every bot.
    Official showcase video:...
  9. [3.4.0-b2] Small fixes and AntiBypass

    • Added AntiBypass V2 (AntiBypass V1 only works on 1.8-1.12 servers, V2 works on every version!): This will block (instantly kick, hiding join message) every bot who has been blacklisted during the login process, but somehow managed to join the server.
    • Fixed many NullPointerException errors, and bug with not saving data file.
  10. [3.4.0-b1] Cloud & Heuristics

    • This update contains 2 new features, allowing the plugin to detect bots even faster than before! Using default cloud configuration, Cloud with synchronizing with your local database, every 30 minutes. Cloud contains malicious IP Addresses, belonging to bots. Cloud won't collect any of your data (including blacklist), so if you want to help to improve this cloud, you can join my discord server. New ConsoleFilter will decrease your CPU usage!