EpicPets [V1.8 - 1.12] | GREAT FOR EULA | PET PLUGIN BETA 1.4

A free and opensource pet plugin

  1. Feeps
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Iskyost (SkyoConfig), bram0101 (Animator Class), coco_gigpn (For his help)
    Languages Supported:
    English, French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish
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    The plugin is not perfect, do not hesitate to report the bugs
    I create this free and open source plugin because I do not know very well Java and I count on you to help me to improve EpicPets
    1. You can create your own textures and animations!​
    For more information, go to the documentation
    2. Disguise and modify your pet in game​
    You can modify your equipment by using an inventory
    3. You can modify the entire plugin as you want.​
    The configuration files are pretty complete​
    4.The plugin will not interfere with pvp
    5. Your shots pass through the armorstand (Pets)
    6. Your pet will follow you with special animations
    7. Keep your stealth using the SneakProtection​
    The name of your pet will disappear when you sneak
    8. The plugin don't need any resource pack.
    9. You can change the name of your pet​
    You can change his name using a sign.
    10. The plugin work in worldguard region.
    The plugin supports Vault


    Your pet can now have particles! Check out these gifs. (EpicPets V0.3)


    Thanks to @wolvesnations for creating this video. [V0.2]​

    Thanks to @Ciryond for creating this video. [V1.4| French]

    I do not know very well Java and I count on you to help me to improve EpicPets
    The documentation includes permissions and commands

    Terms of use.jpg

    - You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.
    - You are not allowed to use the code of this plugin to create a similar plugin
    - You are not allowed to claim to be the author of this plugin
    Don't forget to leave a good review :)


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Recent Updates

  1. Fixed commands
  2. Asynchronous task
  3. Fixed Signs

Recent Reviews

  1. KikicraftMC
    Version: BETA 1.4
    Good plugin, because please update to 1.15.2! Thanks my friend :D
    I hope update soon.
  2. 7focus
    Version: BETA 1.4
    I would give it 5 stars but, I currently have an issue with this plugin. When a player disconnects, it will leave their pet behind and it will stay there forever. Please also don't tell me to use armor kill command because that doesn't work either. Please help me fix this issue!
  3. scarletxhunter
    Version: BETA 1.4
    Hello can you please update this plugin i really enjoy u can make it a paid project idc
  4. Mastergene
    Version: BETA 1.4
    I do like the plugin cuz its really excellent but I have no idea how to disable the shop in pet gui.
  5. BersamBas
    Version: BETA 1.4
    A great perk to give donors. Thank you for for sharing this resource! Players love it.
  6. hatrun7
    Version: BETA 1.4
  7. ddwills100
    Version: BETA 1.4
    Hey there, awesome plugin! I have found a bug where if you get kicked with the sign open the sign won't disappear and will remain there. Also please can we have an option where instead of typing /pets gui just have /pets to launch the GUI. Thanks ddwills
  8. MrJaxk177
    Version: BETA 1.4
    the plugin is great, but please add an option to be able to make the pet appear behind the player
  9. Top
    Version: BETA 1.4

    - epicpets.pet.spawn
    - epicpets.pet.remove
    - epicpets.pet.gui
    - epicpets.pet.rename
    - epicpets.commands.setfoods
    - epicpets.gui.open.animations
    - epicpets.gui.open.main
    - epicpets.gui.open.preferences
    - epicpets.gui.open.particles
    - epicpets.gui.open.takecare
    - epicpets.gui.open.foods
    - epicpets.gui.open.helmet
    - epicpets.gui.open.chestplate
    - epicpets.gui.open.leggings
    - epicpets.gui.open.boots
    - epicpets.gui.action.preferences.setsmall
    - epicpets.gui.action.preferences.showname
    - epicpets.gui.action.preferences.setvisible
    - epicpets.gui.action.preferences.showarms
    - epicpets.gui.action.preferences.sneakprotect
    - epicpets.animation.walk
    - epicpets.skin.bee
    - epicpets.skin.bird
    - epicpets.skin.turtle
    - epicpets.skin.cat
    - epicpets.skin.rainbowdash
    - epicpets.skin.lion
    - epicpets.skin.frog
    - epicpets.skin.snail
    - epicpets.skin.rabbit
    - epicpets.skin.squirrel
    - epicpets.skin.reindeer
    - epicpets.skin.tiger
    - epicpets.skin.elephant
    - epicpets.skin.raccoon
    - epicpets.skin.dog
    - epicpets.skin.panda
    - epicpets.skin.parrot
    - epicpets.skin.shark
    - epicpets.skin.phoenix
    - epicpets.skin.dognecklace
    - epicpets.skin.wolf
    - epicpets.skin.pig
    - epicpets.skin.fox
    - epicpets.skin.penguin
    - epicpets.skin.rat
    - epicpets.skin.astronaut
    - epicpets.skin.carvedpumpkin
    - epicpets.skin.valentinebear
    - epicpets.skin.girrafe
    - epicpets.skin.turkey
    - epicpets.skin.chicken
    - epicpets.skin.wildboar
    - epicpets.skin.lizard
    - epicpets.skin.hedgehog
    - epicpets.skin.deer
    - epicpets.skin.chick
  10. gds
    Version: BETA 1.4
    Very Nice! But you can see the armor stands for me plz fix for 5 stars!