EpiCrates 1.0

A highly customizable crates plugin

  1. Epic1Online
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    EpiCrates is a highly customizable crates plugin which supports up to 54 crates and 54 prizes each (way more than you'll ever need).
    You can customize the name, lore, enchantments, toggle the breakability of each prize.
    The best thing is that you can completely customize the probability of every prize being selected! Many plugins simply offer equal probability for each prize.


    1. Put the EpiCrates.jar file in your 'plugins' folder
    2. Start the server and then stop it once it's booted up
    3. In the 'plugins' folder, there should now be a folder called 'EpiCrates', open the 'config.yml' file and make a copy of the template without all comments and '#'s
    4. Follow the instructions in the template to make your crates
    5. Save the 'config.yml' and start the server
    6. Enjoy!
    -/epicrates place <crate>

    Places the specified crate at your current location
    -/epicrates remove <crate>
    Removes the specified crate from where it is placed
    -/epicrates give <player> <crate> [amount]
    Gives the player the specified amount of keys to the crate. If no amount if specified, the player will receive 1 key

    -/epicrates claim

    Opens a gui that allows players to claim keys that were given to them when they had a full inventory


    Grants access to all admin commands

    Muti version support coming soon.
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