EpicRename 3.7.1

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Version 3.7 | Official 1.15 support and /insertloreline

    + [#118] Adds /insertloreline <beforeLineNumber> <text> (Requested by: @Venaf on github)
    + [#130] Adds configuration option to add a single space character to the end of all /rename names. (Requested by: @JHarris12345)
    + [#113] Configuration files will be updated automatically now. Simply remove the old EpicRename jar file and install EpicRename 3.7. Your config.yml and messages.yml will automatically have the new values added. (Requested by: @Dracathio, @ZGreenDragonZ)
    + [#127] Added official 1.15 support.
    + [#128] Added jayoevans (Sobki) to the authors list in plugin.yml
    + [#123] Added aliases for /setloreline, /removeloreline (Requested by @SiuanSong on github)

    ~ [#134] Fixes extra line added by /setloreline when new lines must be added. (Reported by: @DeleteMetaInf)
    ~ [#126] Fixed /removeglow on spigot 1.15.
    ~ [#129] Changed minimum Java version to Java 8.
    ~ [#122] Updated bStats to version 1.5.
    ~ [#125] Fixes issue where the EpicRename prefix would not be reloaded by /epicrename reload.
    ~ [#116] Changed api-version to 1.13 to prevent issues with backwards compatibility.

    View permissions information at: https://github.com/JustBru00/RenamePlugin/wiki/Permissions-List

    Thanks for using EpicRename,
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