EpicRename 3.9

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Version 3.8 | Minecraft 1.16.1 support and wild card permissions

    + [#146] Minecraft 1.16.1 support.

    + [#131] Add proper wild card (*) permissions. See more on the permissions list. (Requested by @SilkPenny on SpigotMC)

    + [#139] Update bStats to version 1.7.

    + [#137] Adds configuration option to add a single space character to the beginning of all /rename names. (Requested by @JHarris12345 on SpigotMC)

    ~ [#151] /epicrename help missing /insertloreline message.

    The config.yml file will automatically be updated with the new option for #137. You can also regenerate your config by deleting it if you desire.

    Thanks for using EpicRename,
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