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EpicRename 3.9

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Version 3.9 | Minecraft 1.16 Hex Color Codes

    + [#150] Add support for 1.16 hex color codes. Syntax for hex color codes is "&#" followed by the 6 digits of the hex color code. Example: "&#55ffff" (Requested by: Geri#9999 on discord, @CleCharge9731, @danechek, @MrWardy)

    + [#152] Added new graph to bStats to track usage of the experience cost feature.

    ~ [#155] Fixes the formatting code permissions. Now allows the server administrator to give players the "epicrename.{command}.format.*" permission and give the player a negative permission such as "epicrename.{command}.format.a". This will allow the player to use all color codes except for "a". (Requested by: @saifxhatem)

    I have updated the permissions list to list every single permission. Check it out at: https://github.com/JustBru00/RenamePlugin/wiki/Permissions-List

    Thanks for using EpicRename,
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