EpicRename 3.9

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Version 3.9 | Minecraft 1.16 Hex Color Codes

    + [#150] Add support for 1.16 hex color codes. Syntax for hex color codes is "&#" followed by the 6 digits of the hex color code. Example: "&#55ffff" (Requested by: Geri#9999 on discord, @CleCharge9731, @danechek, @MrWardy)

    + [#152] Added new graph to bStats to...
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  2. Version 3.8 | Minecraft 1.16.1 support and wild card permissions

  3. Version 3.7.1 | Experience cost and minor bug fix

    + [ #121] Added experience cost for /rename, /lore, /glow. Enable and set prices in the config file. The prices are experience points NOT levels. (For example: 55 experience points is 5 levels if the player only has 5 levels.) (Requested by: @PenguinsLickYou and @TheGeri77 on spigotmc.org.)

    ~ [ #135] Fixed bug where /lore...
  4. Version 3.7 | Official 1.15 support and /insertloreline

    + [#118] Adds /insertloreline <beforeLineNumber> <text> (Requested by: @Venaf on github)
    + [#130] Adds configuration option to add a single space character to the end of all /rename names. (Requested by: @JHarris12345)
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  5. Version 3.6.2 | Hardened grindstone exploit protection

    ~ Hardened grindstone exploit protection. Requested by @Dovkin.

    Please delete messages.yml in /plugins/EpicRename/ before starting server with this version.

    If you see an error like the following:
    Code (Text):
    [17:20:45 ERROR]: Could not load 'plugins\EpicRename v3.6.2.jar' in folder 'plugins'
    org.bukkit.plugin.InvalidPluginException: Unsupported API version 1.14
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  6. Version 3.6.1 | Exploit fix with glowing items and grindstones in MC 1.14

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  7. Version 3.6 | Official 1.14 support + /export and /import

    What's new in version 3.6:
    + Added official support for 1.14
    + Added economy cost for /glow. Requested by @danechek on spigotmc.org.
    + Added an option to disable bypass messages from being shown to players. Requested by @Sleepy.ca on spigotmc.org.

    + Added /export. /export allows players to export their single items or complete inventory to a web link which can be shared to other servers or friends. This command should be considered for admins only....
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  8. Version 3.5 | Added minimum and maximum formatting codes.

    You will need to delete your config.yml and messages.yml as they have both received updates on this version.

    + Added a formatting code minimum and maximum. (Requested by @_DJDan)

    + Added maximum amount of lines to /setloreline. (Requested by @SiuanSong on github. Completed by @Sobki)

    + Added aliases for all commands to allow bypassing of conflicts with other plugins. All commands now have an alias with ep in front of the command name. Eg....
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  9. Version 3.4 | Support for 1.13

    + Added support for 1.13
    ~ Fixed minor internal spelling error.

    Thanks for using EpicRename,
  10. Version 3.3.1 | Fixes error caused by Blacklists.class

    ~ Fixes error caused by Blacklists.class when trying to edit AIR or null item.

    Thanks for using EpicRename,
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