EpicRename 3.3.1

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Version 3.3.1 | Fixes error caused by Blacklists.class

    ~ Fixes error caused by Blacklists.class when trying to edit AIR or null item.

    Thanks for using EpicRename,
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  2. Version 3.3 | Existing Name and Existing Lore Blacklists

    + Added existing name and existing lore blacklist. (Requested by @hoorigan)
    - Removed support for old epicrename.rename.MATERIAL and epicrename.lore.MATERIAL permissions.

    The new bypass permissions for the existing name and existing lore blacklist can be found on the permissions list at: https://github.com/JustBru00/RenamePlugin/wiki/Permissions-List

    You will need to delete both your messages.yml and config.yml. Both have gotten some new...
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  3. Version 3.2 | The Permissions Update

    ~ Changed the per material permissions. All commands now support them and follow the same format (epicrename.CMD_NAME.material.MATERIAL). Easily give players permission for all materials with epicrename.CMD_NAME.material.*.
    + Added format code permissions. All commands that require text arguments use the same permission format(epicrename.CMD_NAME.format.CODE). Easily give players permission for all format codes with epicrename.CMD_NAME.format.*.
    ~ Fixed bug with line numbers that are less...
  4. Version 3.1.4 | Fixes unnecessary text blacklist checks

    ~ Fixes unnecessary text blacklist checking on /glow, /removeglow and /removeloreline

    You must delete your messages.yml.

    Thanks for downloading,
  5. Version 3.1.3 | Blacklist checking and bypass permissions bug

    This is a critical update if you rely on the blacklist feature.
    ~ Fixes problem with blacklist bypass permission for /lore (Found by @Siuan)
    ~ Fixes blacklist checking missing on /setloreline, /removeloreline, /glow, /removeglow.
    ~ Fixes minor grammar problems in some internal messages.
    + Adds missing success message on /setloreline

    You will need to delete your messages.yml file because this version adds some new messages.

    Thanks for downloading,
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  6. Version 3.1.2 | Fixes economy amount formatting

    ~ Fixed economy amount formatting bug. (Found by @Adsy)

    No config changes in this update.

    Thanks for downloading,
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  7. Version 3.1.1 | Fixes phrases in the text blacklist

    ~ Fixes a bug where phrases were not checked properly from the text blacklist. (Found by @Latula)

    There were no config changes in this update.

    Thanks for downloading,
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  8. New glow command and per world command enable support

    This update has been tested on 1.12-pre2.
    Make sure to delete the old messages.yml and config.yml

    + Adds a /glow command which gives items an enchantment glow. (Requested by @nitewing76 and @PsychoThePsycho)
    + Adds a /removeglow command which removes the glow created by /glow.
    + Added per world enabling support in the config. (Requested by @BrettplayMC)
    + The replace underscores config option now works for /lore. (Requested by...
  9. Minor Update

  10. Version 3.0 - The full rewrite... (15+ hours)

    Added /lore permissions per material. (Like /rename) (Requested by @Wonderful_Wiz)
    Added messages.yml with all the plugins messages. (Requested by @Paras)
    Added /setloreline and /removeloreline (Requested by @Nopzakung)
    Removed /renameentity because it was redundant. (Just /rename a nametag.)

    Changed a few permissions please double check the permissions...