EpicRename 3.5

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Minor Update

  2. Version 3.0 - The full rewrite... (15+ hours)

    Added /lore permissions per material. (Like /rename) (Requested by @Wonderful_Wiz)
    Added messages.yml with all the plugins messages. (Requested by @Paras)
    Added /setloreline and /removeloreline (Requested by @Nopzakung)
    Removed /renameentity because it was redundant. (Just /rename a nametag.)

    Changed a few permissions please double check the permissions...
  3. Bug Fix

    Fixes a bug with the plugin that would throw errors if the material blacklist in the config was empty.

    Thanks for using EpicRename.
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  4. Quick Bug Fix for 2.6

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  5. Adds a config reload command and a character limit for renames.

    + Adds /epicrename reload command. (Permission is "epicrename.reload")
    Requested by @MGSBigBoss

    + Adds /rename and /renameentity character limit. (Disabled by default) You can edit the limit and enable it in the config.
    Requested by @BobbyTowers

    To install this version you will need to reset (delete) the old config.

    You can find the bypass permission for character limit...
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  6. Bug fix for 2.5.2

    Fixes a bug in the /lore command introduced in v2.5.2.

    Sorry about that. :p
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  7. Fixes an error on certain Linux servers.

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  8. Bug Fix

    - Removes a debug message that was used for programming the plugin.
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  9. Combines /rename and /renameany

    Removes command /renameany.
    Changes permissions for /rename

    New permissions:

    Now instead of using /renameany for all items and /rename for a specific material you can use /rename for both.

    Change log:
    + New permission epicrename.rename.VALID_MATERIAL_HERE
    + New permission epicrename.rename.*
    - /renameany command.
    + Grammer fixes in eco messages.
    + Changed copyright date in code.
    + Auto update checker. (Purely a checker not a...
  10. Material Blacklist

    + Material Blacklist (as requested by @maxlehot1234)
    Bypass permission: epicrename.bypass.materialblacklist
    + McStats (To disable change opt-out to true in the config.)
    + Changed to Java 7

    Thanks for downloading.
    Make sure to delete your old config.