EpicRename 3.5

Want to rename items? or maybe even relore them? / Good Minecraft EULA compliant donor perk.

  1. Added configurable messages.

    + Added configurable messages.
    + Added that underscores ('_') are auto translated into spaces (' ').
    Make sure to delete the old EpicRename v1.2.jar
    And delete any EpicRename folders.
    What should I add next? (Post in discussion please)
    Special thanks to @ThePestsKiller for helping me with the config.
  2. Fixed /lore permission :D

    Fixed /lore Permission
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  3. Added /lore

    Added /lore ................................... rename.lore

    Still working on configurable messages.
    Removed config for now.
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  4. Fix Bug

    Fixed rename.any permission not working.
    And added basic config (A test it will not work)
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