EpiVote 1.1

This is a voting plugin.

  1. enick98
    minikloon, bolt
    This plugin was initially designed for my server but I have converted it to be available for public download. What this plugin does is it allows for the server owner (or anybody who has access to the server files), to put their voting links and possibly their website link, into the config file and then have the links entered into chat when any player enters /vote (the links only appear to the player that entered the command). I created this plugin because I could not find any plugins that that would work properly only players who were OP were able to.

    - Ability to add server website link into the config.yml

    - Ability to add voting links into the config.yml
    - This plugin also offers a unique feature that allows you to put a message above or below your links. (You could do both if you choose)

    - /vote Gives voting links

    - epiVote.vote (allows server owners to determine who can use /vote)

    - Click the download button
    - Drag the jar file into your /server/plugins folder restart your server and a config file should appear.

    Config File

    This is where you add your voting links

    # Enter your voting links here add as many as you want
    # Remember yaml files don't like tabs make sure to use spaces.
    voting links:
    - examplelink1.com
    - examplelink2.org
    - examplelink3.net
    - examplelink4.com

    You add your website link here if you have one.
    # If you have a website put it here
    Website link: examplesite.enjin.com

    This is for the message that would go above your links
    # Custom prefix message. (Goes before all the links)
    # Leave blank for nothing
    Custom prefix:

    This is for the message that would go under your links
    # Custom suffix message (Goes after all the links)
    # Leave blank for nothing
    Custom suffix:

    - Add permissions Done

    If you wish to contribute please view this ad page


    Any bugs please leave them in a comment on here.

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