EQPanel 1.3

Graphic Equalizer for Minecraft

  1. OldManTigerMask
    EQPanel allows you to create a panel that imitates graphic equalizer display. This plugin is like an off-the-self product that you can just put it in your desired world and build any frames around it or put your own background touch to it. All you have to do is: copy the plugin into the plugins folder of your spigot server. The frame comes with Redstone lamp, so you can power it with your own Redstone technology to your heart content. You can select four type of materials (glass, clay, wool, glasspane) for the panel.

    There are four EQPanels that you can work with. You can create an EQPanel where you are standing. If you are not satisfied with the location you can move it to other location and tell it to move to where you are or simply just remove it. From version 1.2 on, each panel can be set from East to West or North to South direction (the default is from East to West). You are able to start, to stop the animation for each EQPanel, independently.


    EQPanel has a selection of commands many are just for selection, start, stop, etc.

    /eqpanel create create the panel at position where you are standing

    /eqpanel <1:2:3:4> select a panel to modify / create

    /eqpanel start starts the animation of the panel you selected /eqpanel stop stops the animation of the panel you selected /eqpanel remove deletes / removes the selected panel

    Modification Commands

    /eqpanel clear Made to pretend there is no signal the bars remain at 0

    /eqpanel ns Sets the selected panel to a north, south direction

    /eqpanel ew Sets the selected panel to a east, west direction

    /eqpanel move move the selected panel to the position where you are standing

    /eqpanel ? use this to find out what equalizer is selected and ready to use for your next command

    /eqpanel material <glass|clay|wool|glasspane> use this to set material type to the currently selected panel

    By The Music Technician for version 1.1
    By oMrLuckyX


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