Equal Trade 2015-06-06

Trade any item for another item of equal value!

  1. Eliminator
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    This plugin allows you trade any item for another item of equal value.
    To do this you convert an item into EMC points, then with your EMC points you can create other items.
    This plugin is inspired by, and similar to, the Forge Mod: Equivalent Exchange.
    For all of this you will need a Minimum Stone, info on how to get and use a Minimum Stone is below.

    To craft a Minimum Stone you need a Inert Stone, and 8 Minimum Dust:

    You get Minimum Dust from killing hostile mobs, its a fairly rare drop though.

    You can craft an Inert Stone like this:

    Once you craft a Minimum Stone it will have an EMC stored value (Starts 0), and a durability value.
    Each time you use it to make an item from EMC, its durability will go down.

    When you right-click with it a menu will open like this:
    If you hover over the red glass, it will tell you what the slot is for.

    First one is for converting items to EMC.
    Second one is the item you want to make.
    The third slot is where the items you make appear.


    /et reload <- Reloads Config
    /et getStone <- Gives you a Minimum Stone


    Permission to use the reload and getStone commands: equal.trade.op

    No permissions for crafting or using the Minimum Stone


    1. Drop the plugin into your plugins folder and restart the server.

    2. Edit the config to change anything you want.

    3. Do /et reload


    Upcoming Features
    - Request them!


    MC Stats
    This plugin sends info on how many servers and players are using this plugin.
    If you wish to disable the usage stats, look at /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml.


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Recent Reviews

  1. iKilledEveryone
    Version: 2015-06-06
    Works great with 1.10, you can add custom item ID's to the config for the newer blocks. Would still like to see it updated eventually :)
  2. Devinloper
    Version: 2015-06-06
    I love it! I was looking for an Energy Condenser Plugin and I couldn't find any working. This is like a mobile energy condenser, so that is real cool! Though I didn't rate all stars, because it is outdated, 1.9 blocks as far as I know aren't supported and I would love to see this plugin updated!
  3. BaneOfSmite
    Version: 2015-06-06
    Good you got my Seal of approval! xD