eRankUP |RankUP Plugin 100% Customized | 1.8 -1.17 | MySQL 1.0.5

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  1. Update 1.0.5

    Added the option to skip the ranks menu, typing /rankup will open the menu to confirm the evolution

    To update it is necessary to delete the messages.yml or add [SkipMenu: true] under the [Limit: " "]

    Code (Java):
    Limit: "&cMaximum"
    #If it is active, when you type /rankup it will open the confirmation menu
    #instead of opening the menu with the ranks.
    SkipMenu: true
    #This is the progress bar
  2. Update 1.0.4

    Wrote more details
    Title and Action bar added to 1.17
  3. 1.0.3 Update

    Support for 1.8 through 1.17 (1.17 Removed Title and ActionBar)
    Code optimization
  4. Optimization

    Plugin Optimization Update