ErrorSink 1.1.0

Collect server errors and warnings in a beautiful web interface

  1. ErrorSink 1.1.0: More flexible filtering, better cleanup, bug fixes

    Note: you are advised to reset your config or merge the changes into your existing config
    • Add option to let events bypass all filters
      • Can be used to always send an [info] message (for example 'you are not whitelisted!'), while still filtering [info] message by default
    • Add more plugins to loadBefore to ensure we can capture more loading errors/warnings from all plugins.
      • If you find any plugins on your server that load before ErrorSink, please tell me so that I can add them.
    • New {random} variable to prevent grouping together events.
    • New parts section where you can put regexes you want to reuse.
      • Currently already has player, uuid, plugin and ip regexes which can be used in other regex places with {player} etc.
      • After using such a variable in for example an event message, you can use the same variable in tags and other options (see the config for examples).
      • The config now contains a rule that gets the plugin name from messages and adds it as a tag, allowing you to easily see all errors from a certain plugin.
    • Ensure compatibility with other plugins that use/embed Sentry.
    • Ensure events are sent to Sentry correctly when stopped.
    • Migrate to Sentry-Java from the legacy Raven-Java (they renamed the project).
    • Add option to disable statistics collection.
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