Ersatz 1.0

Make your own PlaceholderAPI placeholders with Skript

  1. Pikachu920
    Ersatz allows you to use and create PlaceholderAPI placeholders within Skript


    Example usage:

    Making custom placeholders:
    Code (Text):
    on placeholder request with prefix "custom":
      if the identifier is "hey": # %custom_hey%
        set the result to "hi there %player%!"
      else if the identifier is "bye": # %custom_bye%
        set the result to "bye bye %player%"
    Getting the value of a placeholder:
    Code (Text):
    on join:
      set {_ping} to placeholder "player_ping" # placeholder "%%player_ping%%" is also valid
      broadcast "your ping is %{_ping}%"
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    I don't have the words because by many years i have searched an addon like that, thank you man, thank you !
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    Version: 1.0
    Will definitely be using this, thanks for all the help u give me with skript pika ily <3