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The optimization server | bug fixes | enhanced experience -- in a plugin integration

  1. Vlvxingze
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Vlvxingze IzzelAliz LocyDragon Sotr
    Languages Supported:
    100%Chinese Or 60%English
    Tip: this plugin needs to be restarted two times when it is first time to install into the server.
    This is not a server crash.

    EscapeLag is a server optimizing plugin, which also provides a lot of other functions. It will increase server TPS, clear lagg, remove too much entities, fix some bugs.

    Now,V4.0(2) coming!
    What's new on EscapeLag 2.0?
    Performance Improvement
    - Reduced memory usage at least half!
    - Faster configuration system
    - Refactor whole system
    Features Enhancement
    - Removed skull patch cause never happens
    - A more saner book and quill patch
    - A more saner bonemeal patch
    - Minecart-portal patch now won't hurt game experience!
    - Fixes negative amount item patch not works
    - A powerful chat fliter system
    - A branch of new configurations! explore them by yourself!
    Experience Improvement
    - Protocollib is softdepend again
    - Better overloadd-redstone notify format
    - Mem dump file now named according time stamp
    - A bit better language settings.

    1. automatic intelligent configuration server to significantly improve server performance.
    2.TPSSleep can significantly reduce performance consumption when freezing servers.
    3. a highly customized, more humane and scientific cleaning system.
    4. adjust some of the game content, such as flame spread, improve performance.
    5. block preloading and a new block loading system!
    6. extremely low power AutoSave and fully automatic restart memory.
    7. a plug-in can repair almost all MC servers Bug
    8. provide some lightweight, reliable and useful special effects. nearly every version of Spigot and Bukkit (1.4-1.12+)
    10., there are more functions of optimization, repair and special effects.

    Optimize the function and optimize the effect immediately.
    1. when servers are unmanned, freeze servers, greatly reducing the power consumption of group services.
    2. clean too many entities and highly customizable
    3. automatically reboot the server to release the memory when the server is not online.
    4. restart when the server load (especially memory leak) is overloaded to release memory.
    5. restrictive flow, but a more scientific method of flow restriction.
    6. anti HF red stone caused by the server carton
    7. flame constraints to reduce server performance consumption
    8. optional mandatory memory cleaning
    9. transmission preloading can significantly reduce server Catton.
    10. a more scientific sweeping algorithm, which will eliminate useless objects or monsters and animals.
    11. prohibition of dense entities, but a more scientific cleaning algorithm.
    12. automatic save to prevent players from losing files, more scientific, and extremely low power consumption.
    13. automatically configure the server side to significantly reduce performance cost.
    14. strong block loading system
    Comprehensive repair server Bug, spare no trouble:
    1. defense avalanche code avalanche
    2. repair the sapling Bug brush
    3. defense negative item brush item Bug
    4. defense hells mine car card Bug brush items
    5. auto repair Rpgitem using Bug brush
    6. prevent long wooden card crash server
    7. prevent head movement Bug cause server crash
    8. prevent shadow body Bug
    9. defenses are dead and brushed for game items and negative blood
    10. sugarcane doors brush sugarcane and cactus
    11. defense use of book and pen to make super enchantment
    12. prevent bed from exploding in hell and end
    13. prevent the destruction of the virtual body card Bug
    14. the defensive player brushes the Bug of the infinite track
    15. explode Bug with WE's //calc command
    More practical functions to optimize the server experience:
    1. plug-in performance detection system!
    2. shielded plug-in brush error system
    3. automatically record the plug-in once the error of the brush!
    4. anti - dirty words, anti - brush, more reliable!
    5. limit the brush egg to modify the brush cage
    6. forbidding the trampling of farmland
    7. make the player automatically resurrect
    8. whether or not to ban and restrict explosions
    9. plug-in automatically updates, without regular updates

    Commad: (list mostly used commands)
    Use /el help for help.
    /el heap [tilesclear,chunkclear,itemclear,look,heapclear,unloadlog]
    /el autosave [savethis,save]
    /el chunkkeeper [list,remove,addthis,clear]
    /el reload [reload configuration file and reload the plugin]
    /el monitor [topall,eventall,taskall,cmdall,event,cmd,task]
    And more command...(Please enter /el help)
    Other commands need to explore by yourself !

    - Give admin access to every function in EscapeLag
    - Do not give this to players!Only for OP!
    - Give access to skip sensitive word checking.

    1.MainConfig —— Basic configuration
    2.ClearLagConfig —— Lag remove configuration
    3.NoBugConfig —— Some bug fix settings
    4.FunctionConfig —— Custom player's event setting


    1.EscapeLag now required Java 8, Java 7 is not supports any more!
    2.If you want to use english,
    Find it in plugins/EscapeLag/PluginMainConfig.yml:
    Language: zh_cn # plugin language setting
    Modify it to en_GB, and consult the instructions in English
    But the message in your config will not be translated into English.
    So the plugin runs the prompt announcement information that you still need to translate it on its own.

    Click the 'download now' buttom at the right side of the header.

    If you have any question or issue,send me a PM or create a new issue please.
    Wish you have a good time and enjoy!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Sumdream
    Version: URL Download
    I can see in your first report:
    5.16% 19,033.75% 9.52 s 9,516.87 ms 0.0 0.0k Task: TimerGarbageCollect$$Lambda$140/467651944(interval 12000)

    This shows to me two things
    1) EscapeLag is a stupid plugin
    1. Vlvxingze
  2. Kess
    Version: URL Download
    Really excited to try this out also I saw that it is 60% English when will it be 100% ?Also if you could get a YouTube vid or something to help us know what is what but if not that's fine I'm a quick learner. And lastly this plugin works! My CPU was 30% most of the time and now it is 17% which is making it more enjoyable for my player thanks!
    1. Vlvxingze
      Author's Response
      Thank,but you may don;t know
      In China,Youtube has been blocked...
  3. outtime
    Version: URL Download
    It's the best I've ever seen plugin!Get instant results!I don't know why some people to say something bad,You can be the devloper.
    1. Vlvxingze
  4. Small_Ye
    Version: URL Download
    This plugin is very good, giving the author some praise. Can I carry this plug-in to China's MCBBS?
    1. Vlvxingze
  5. PurrfectMistake_
    Version: URL Download
    So far so good.. I need to test it out a bit more but please make the config in english.
    1. Vlvxingze
      Author's Response
      Well,you can translate it to English by yourself.
      We may update English Default Config ,thanks
  6. Fisherman_wcz
    Version: URL Download
    very nice plugin, author update of frequently.
    please keep...
    1. Vlvxingze
  7. XPHonza
    Version: URL Download
    Amazing plugin it improved the performance a lot.
    And people who give 1 stars are just jealous idiots.
    1. Vlvxingze
  8. RafricOFC
    Version: URL Download
    The new version is awesome! Fixed a lot of bugs ♥
    Works perfectly fine!!!!
    1. Vlvxingze
  9. Pixelowy_
    Version: URL Download
    Sorry man but this plugin don't work It made my server more laggy
    3 stars for encouragement
    1. Vlvxingze
      Author's Response
      look at the PM
  10. GorlyDJY
    Version: URL Download
    Cool plugin!
    It solves all the delay problems!
    I recommend this plugin!