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  1. Fix the lag bug(Or not a bug?)

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  2. V505 Update

    Bug fixes,,,
  3. V503 Update

    Fix:AutoRestart err ,cann't use
    Optimize some..
  4. V489

    serious bug!!!!
    Fixed Many bugs!!
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  5. V475

    Many bugs fixed,
    Such as AntiSpam
  6. V465 fixed

    1.Fixed:Linux ERR
    2.Fixed:No restart
  7. Bug Fixed V464

    Fix:Linux System will errlog
    Fix:Login Bug(In some version errlog)
  8. V436 Update

    1. Fix Most of Errs,Many bug has been fixed now
    2. Fix some NPE Bugs:Ye,,,the NPE Bugs
    3. Fix TPS Not right:Sometime the bug will be showed,now verf it!
    4. Fix Spam Bugs
    5. Config Checker(Loader check):I don't know
    6. Safety fix
    7. Better Chunk
    8. Support for Java8
    9. Tps Formats,Hahahaha
    10. Better FPS
    11. Use Bukkit scheduler
    12. Use internal version
    13. Many Changes
    14. Better ChunkUnloader
    15. Dumper upgrade
    16. Some RewritesAPI
    17. Support for KC
    18. Anti dupe upgrade
    19. Fix a bug make...
  9. V345

    1.More better to English User
    2.New repair module: repair WE avalanche BUG
    New repair module: repair WE collapse service BUG repair the update system is not available.
    Repair the update without a cause reboot
    1. repair a large pile of small legacy problems.
    Next is a more important repair:
    1. the instructions were carefully rewritten
    The 2. English version is also perfected.
    3. removed the already useless synthetic table anti brush repair (most of the servers have been updated...)
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  10. Bug fixed

    We forget to build it in the lastest Version
    Fix it!
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