Essentials Light 1.0.1

A lightweight essentials plugin

  1. jslightham
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Essentials Light
    About Essentials Light

    Essentials light is an alternative to the essentials plugin, without all the unnecessary and resource heavy features. It only has what you need, designed to use as little ram as possible.
    What Can It Do?
    • Teleportation
    • Change time
    • Add /home and /sethome features
    • Set a server wide spawn (multi world supported)
    • See the inventory of other players
    • Change gamemodes with 3 letters
    • Add private messaging to the game
    • Broadcast server wide messages


    <Optional>, [required]
    /broadcast - Broadcast a message to all online players, Permission: essentialslight.broadcast
    /bc - Broadcast a message to all online players, Permission: essentialslight.broadcast
    /day - Set the time to day, Permission:
    /feed <player> - Feed specified player if no player specified feed command executor, Permission: essentialslight.feed
    /fly - Toggle flight, Permission:
    /gm <player> [mode], Change gamemode using: s, c, a, spectator, Permission:
    /heal <player> - Set specified player or executor to 20 health, Permission: essentialslight.heal
    /home - Teleport to the executor's home, Permission: essentialslight.home
    /invsee [player] - View and edit the inventory of the specified player, Permission: essentialslight.invsee
    /msg [player] [message] - Send a pm to the specified player, Permission: essentialslight.msg
    /night - Change the time to night, Permission: essentialslight.night
    /sethome - Set your player specific home, Permission: essentialslight.sethome
    /setspawn - Set the server spawn location, Permission: essentialslight.setspawn
    /spawn - Teleport to the server spawn, Permission: essentialslight.spawn
    /tphere [player] - Teleport the specified player to the executor, Permission: essentialslight.tphere

    #Message Sent to Console When Command Cannot Be Run By Console
    errorMessage: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4You are unable to execute this command!'

    #Message Sent to Player When Missing Permissions
    permissionMessage: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4You do not have permission to run this command!'

    #Message Sent When Command is Missing Arguments
    missingArguments: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4Command Missing Arguments!'

    #Message Sent When Player is Not Online
    playerOffline: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4That player is offline!'

    #Spawn Location
    spawnLocation: ''

    onEnable: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aFlying Enabled!'
    onDisable: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aFlying Disabled!'
    onTeleport: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aTeleporting you'

    changedMode: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aGameMode Changed'
    invalidGameMode: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4Invalid GameMode'
    setHealth: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aHealed Player'
    setFood: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aFed Player'
    spawnSet: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aSpawn has been set!'
    onTeleport: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aTeleporting you to the spawn!'
    noSpawn": '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4There is no spawn!'
    onSet: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aSet time to day!'
    onSet: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aSet time to Night!'
    broadcastPrefix: '&c[Broadcast] &f'
    #/sethome, /home
    homeSet: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aSet home location!'
    onTeleport: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &aTeleporting you to your home!'
    noHome: '&3&bEssentialsLight &7&l> &4You have no Home!'

    • Add warping
    • Add god mode
    • Add improved /i give command
    • Add weather control
    • Add tpa capabilities
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Recent Updates

  1. Bugfixes & Changed Download Location

Recent Reviews

  1. dxcf
    Version: 1.0.1
    it would be great to have /gmc /gms /gma /gmsp etc...
  2. TheWayMan
    Version: 1.0.0
    Easy to use no crazy amount of commands easy to add and permissions to use. I think it is going to only get better from here.