Essentials [Skript] 2.4

essentials skript

  1. JoxyYT
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Please report bugs.

    Read everything!!

    Required plugins:

    1. Instal the required plugins on your Minecraft server. (1.8)
    2. Go to Skript
    3. Go in to scripts
    4. Drop this folder in it.

    Almost all Essentials commands

    Permissions for all commands

    a config.yml

    Skript plugin is lighter for your server

    /pl and /plugins block (Change what it says)

    First join message!

    line 1: [Essentials]
    line 3: Spawn | Repair

    Choose either Spawn or Repair on line 3

    Idk, let me know it here:

    Made by: JoxyYT
    Special Thanks to PatrickBoy55
    more commands in next update :D

    checkout this plugin
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  1. -2-
    Version: 2.4
    I LOVE IT!!! What is your discord tag? Also, I can't join the discord server! The real essentials wouldn't work for some reason, so I used this and it is the best. I know how to skript to, but I'm not that good.