Essentials Warp Gui [OpenSource] 2.3

/warp now looks more beautiful!

  1. Marcely99
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Source Code:
    You've got a lots of warps and your /warp looks ugly?
    Then you might want to use this plugin as it is adding a GUI for the /warp command!​


    • Use /warp or /warps to open the GUI (Uses essentials permissions)
    • Use /warpcfg to configure the warps (Permission: warpgui.cfg)

    Item Syntax:
    Code (Text):
     1.8 - 1.12: <material as name or id>[:data]
     1.13+: <material as name>[:data]

     potion:<effect>:<amplifier>:<duration in ticks>

    Dyed leather armor:
     <material>:<color in hex>

    Player heads:
     1.8 - 1.12: skull:<player name>
     1.13+: player_head:<player name>

    Tutorial by @racerk12

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  2. 2.2.2
  3. 2.2.1

Recent Reviews

  1. Budderman18
    Version: 2.3
    Literally no issues with the plugin. Hopefully it doesn't break in a future version cause it was a long 2 months without this plugin
  2. Emma
    Version: 2.2.2
    To server owners: This plugin does exactly what you're likely needing it to. It's easy to set up, and runs smoothly. I've never had an issue with it.

    To the mod author: Thanks for the work you put in. Don't burn yourself out.
  3. Minecreeper.Isi
    Version: 2.2.2
    Very nice Plugin. will it be updatet to 1.17? And if yes, what time? We would need it in our new server :) Thx for your work
  4. TheGlamyChild
    Version: 2.2.2
    The plugin disables itself when installed on a fork of Spigot or Paper. I don't get why it disables itself, like it is not going to magically malfunction and if it does, it should be on server owner. A notice telling it is not supported would be nice, but I really don't get why it disables itself. There is NO NEED for that...
    1. Marcely99
      Author's Response
      It disables itself because it doesn't work with that fork. Otherwise it wouldn't disable itself :thinking:
  5. IceZexle
    Version: 2.2.2
    When changing/removing suffix & prefix on the warp, the orginal name of the warp still remains. So when I use /warpcfg suffix Survival set &eSurvival

    Then i go into the warp gui it shows a white "Survival" before the green "Survival"
    1. Marcely99
      Author's Response
      What did you expect of a prefix and a suffix?!
  6. Zacraft
    Version: 2.2.2
    Love the plugin! I does exactly what you want it to do. Is there a way to arrange the order of the warps? Thanks in advance!
  7. SprutarN
    Version: 2.2.2
    Nice plugin! Very easy to setup and configurate. Is there anyway to give/remove perms for specific warps?
    1. Marcely99
      Author's Response
      Yes, set "per-warp-permission" in the essentials configs to true and use the permissions provided by essentials
  8. Skyner77
    Version: 2.2.2
    This plugin is pretty good, but when I want to change: "Warps:" to word in my lang "Warpy:" with some && colors I can't I just have error on YML syntax
  9. dayofpaybg
    Version: 2.2.2
    Plugin is good but the only working command is /warpcfg seticon the others are not working ... hopefully this will be fixed ( im using Paper 1.8 )
    1. Marcely99
      Author's Response
      Update to 1.8.8. And as you can see from the reviews: The plugin is indeed working pretty well, the problem relies on your side.
  10. DefinitlyEvil
    Version: 2.2.2
    Well I had problems but the developer offered me a solution, seemed to be my bad. Thanks for the help and 5 stars!