Essentials Warp Titles 1.0

Allows for sending a title when a user warps

  1. Strahan
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Built and tested on 1.16, but should really work on most versions. I didn't put a whole lot of testing time in, I'm hungry and wanna go eat dinner lol. So if you have any glitches, send me a message with the details.

    Global admin permission is warptitles.admin. If you give this perm, you don't need the granular permissions listed for each command.


    warp t:title s:subtitle fi:fadein fo:fadeout d:duration

    Sets a title for a warp. The parameters are optional, except for warp and if you are creating a title, it has to at least have a title or a subtitle. If you are modifying an existing title config, then you don't need to specify either. Time values are in ticks. 20 ticks = 1 second. Do not delimit title text with quotes, just type straight. So like

    /ewt set spawn t:Welcome to Spawn! s:pVP disabled, you're safe d:60

    Will setup a 3 second long title welcoming people to warp "spawn".

    EWT VIEW warp
    This will show title configuration for warps. If you omit warp, it shows all warps that have titles. If you pass a warp, it only shows that one.

    EWT CLEAR warp
    Deletes title configuration for a warp

    EWT GLOBAL fi:fadein fo:fadeout d:duration

    Sets global values for fadein, fadeout and duration. Global values are so like if you created the title as shown in the SET example, you'll notice I set duration but not fadein or fadeout. When any of the time values are omitted, the system will pull the global value to use in lieu of a custom one. Defaults are 10 ticks for fade in & out and 40 ticks for duration. You can change that with this command.

    Reloads configuration from disk.

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