Essentials 1.0.0

I tried to put a few functions of Essentials into this plugin

  1. DesTroYz
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    You can use this Plugin with or without MySQL. ;)

    This plugin contains custom chat format.(You can use it or not - config)
    This plugin contains custom PlayerListNames(You can use it or not - config)
    This plugin contains custom Join and Quit messages(You can edit the messages in the config)


    Essentials.* => with this permission you get all other permissions
    l => execute the command /Heal
    Essentials.Fly => execute the command /Fly
    Essentials.Feed => execute the command /Feed
    Essentials.Gamemode =>
    execute the command /Gamemode
    Essentials.Inv => execute the command /Inv
    Essentials.Broadcast => execute the command /broadcast
    Essentials.Vanish => execute the command /Vanish
    Essentials.Rain => execute the command /Rain
    Essentials.Sun => execute the command /Sun
    Essentials.Day => execute the command /Day
    Essentials.Night => execute the command /Night
    Essentials.Kill => execute the command /Kill
    Essentials.Enderchest => execute the command /Enderchest
    Essentials.Thunder => execute the command /Thunder
    Essentials.God => execute the command /God

    Essentials.Owner => for the Owner Prefix
    Essentials.Admin => for the Admin Prefix
    Essentials.Moderator => for the Moderator Prefix
    Essentials.Developer => for the Developer Prefix
    Essentials.Supporter => for The Supporter Prefix
    Essentials.Youtube => for the Youtube Prefix
    Essentials.VIP => for the VIP Prefix
    Essentials.Player => for the Player Prefix


    /Essentials => see the help page for this plugin
    /Heal => heal yourself or other
    /Fly => give yourself or other player the ability to fly
    /Feed => fill up your hunger or from other player
    /Gamemode => change your gamemode or from other player
    /Inv => see or clear the inventory from other player
    /Broadcast => Broadcast a message to the whole server
    /Vanish => vanish yourself or other player
    /Rain => change the weather to rain
    /Sun => change the weather to sun
    /Day => change the server time to day
    /Night => change the server time to night
    /Kill => kill other player
    /Suicide => kill yourself
    /Enderchest => see your enderchest or from other player
    /Thunder => spawn a thunder strike at your position or at the position from other player
    /God => enable or disable the god mode for yourself or other player
    /Home => set your home at your position and teleport to your home
    /Msg => send a private message to other players
    /Ping => see your ping or the ping from other players

    if you still have a few ideas, feel free to write them in the comments :)