EssentialsCP 1.2

GUI Control Panel containing all common/essential commands needed to run your server!

  1. saxojam
    Arcaniax, saxojam
    EssentialsCP is a newly made, starter plugin (meaning my first plugin), of which creates a simple, self explanatory, and easy to use GUI (or... interface...) to run your server! The following list will state what features the plugin currently includes, and what is a work in progress! Feel free to suggest future features to add to the plugin.

    Implemented Features:
    + Difficulty Peaceful
    + Difficulty Easy
    + Difficulty Normal
    + Difficulty Hard
    + Time Day
    + Time Night
    + Kick Player
    + Heal Player
    + Ban Player
    + Teleport to Player

    Planned Features:
    - Gamemode Settings
    - Promotion Settings
    - Recommend more in the comments!
    There is only one permission:
    EssentialsCP.ecp (Allows a player to run the command, opening the GUI)


    Video coming soon...

Recent Updates

  1. 1.9 Version Released!
  2. Bug Fixes