EssentialsLitePlus ALPHA

The most configurable essential plugin to your server!

  1. FunkDev
    EssentialsLitePlus is a plugin were you have so many commands that are configurable. Configure your own messages in the commands, or even disabled and enable them. (The plugins that are disabled by default are disabled because they may not be fixed). This is an experimental plugin and we are working out the kinks. Please submit bugs with **TICKETS ONLY**. This plugin gives you fun commands like /fly and fly in survival. You can also do /essentialsliteplus and it will show you the control panel GUI. There will be two things in it...RELOAD and UPDATE. The UPDATE part of it will be out in the next update.

    == To do list: ==
    - Add warps and spawns.\\- Add 20 more commands.\\- Add kits.\\- Add permission bundles.

    == Permissions and Commands: ==
    |/essentialsliteplus| el+.controlpanel |Use to reload and update the plugin.|
    |/feed| el+.cmd.feed |Feed yourself silly.|
    |/fly| |You can fly or you can stay grounded.|
    |/heal [playername]| el+.cmd.heal |Heal yourself|
    |null| el+.cmd.heal.others |Heal others|
    |/kill [player]| el+.cmd.kill |Kill another player!|
    |/sethunger [0-10]| el+.cmd.sethunger |Set your hunger to a certain level!|
    |/speed [0-5]| el+.cmd.speed |Set your speed to a certain level!|

    == Configuration Example: ==
    Enabled: true //Set it to false to disable
    Messages: //All messages go here.
    FlyOff: '&4You can no longer fly!'
    FlyOn: '&aYou can now fly!'

Recent Reviews

  1. coolpvpv
    Version: ALPHA
    why would anyone need this its just a useless resource because why cant you just use essentials i see nothing special about this
  2. Gustav
    Version: ALPHA
    useless waste of interweb space...
    there are already alot of plugins serving all the commands you providing....