EssentialsPrank 1.0

Customizable | fun | server save!

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    This is a plugin made out of joke and for pure fun.
    While deadly if used wrongly it will in no way destroy your world or server.
    All it does is touch the player not allowed to use /fly etc. IF the config option excists for that command.

    Currently its designed with 3 essentials commands.


    I didn't put alot of effort into making this but it works, its been build on 1.9 tested on 1.8 and see no reason for not to work on 1.10.

    What does it do.

    Code (Text):
      plugin: '/essentials:'
      effect: 'fire'
      ticks: 120
      perm: a.custom.perm
      pluginperm: another.custom.thing
      plugin: '/essentials:'
      effect: 'kill'
      ignore: 'user'
      plugin: '/essentials:'
      effect: 'flight'
      height: 50

    Every plugin works via slash "/" commands, but ontop lets say 3 plugins have the same command, example: both wg and essentials have a god command, 1 takes priority but plugins such as commandoverride allow for 1 plugin to take priority. When 2 commands are equal and you want 1 plugin to take control without using override plugins its where <pluginname>:<command> comes in.
    This plugin uses that type of system but currently related to essentials.

    in the default config are 3 commands which can be left out if wanted and the plugin won't do anything with them.

    Configuration is as follows:

    <command>: #no /
    #The command you would normally perform. EX; /fly
    perm: #The perm the player needs to perform the command without this plugin reacting. Often the original plugins perm. EX:
    plugin: #which plugin runs the command, this case /essentials:
    effect: #there are currently 3 types but further explained below.
    <effect related option>: #below.

    Every effect is different and so is the option.
    Current effects are: fire kill and flight.

    Fire effect sets the user ablaze for a set amount of ticks.
    To set the ticks amount under effect: type ticks: <number in ticks>

    kill effect and command works a little differently and is dangerous to your players.
    Therefor the command itself uses 2 permissions, ops by default have this permission against them so this command is offline by default. Unless a bug rises. (To remove this ability just remove the whole section from config.)
    The effect is called kill here and has a user ignore option.
    If you set ignore: "user" the player using the command will be ignored.

    tp effect/command by default is often deadly unless player lands in water.
    The effect is called "flight" which has a height: option which allows you to set the height the player will be teleported to before dropping down to the ground. Default perm is:

    So to sum up:
    effect: fire
    ticks: 120

    effect: kill:
    ignore: user

    effect: flight
    height: 50

    These options can be changed so instead of the fly command setting the user ablaze u can make them fall into a 50+ foot drop.

    Anyone with the required permission is save from these effects so your regular users with fly permission can still turn it on or off as they please.

    The plugin is at own risk in the permissions you give especially with the killall command.
    This command by default is of no danger to anyone with /killall essentials access, and again per default noone can use it to kill anyone.

    If for some reason it doesn't work for you or can't figure it out i'll be glad ot help out. Though shouldn't be hard.
    If you have a different plugin that runs a fly command or another command this plugin has and you want to make that plugin be "top dog" you can!

    Lets say you have a fly plugin called flightschool and its name in commandlist is flightschool:fly just adjust plugin:/essentials: with /flightschool: and you're set.

    I've put time in making sure that this plugin has no bugs/errors and it has zero msgs in any of its commands. So any mistakes you make in the regular commands such as player not found on tp is run by essentials or the plugin you set to run.

    - Add more effects...
    - Add more commands.
    - Allow for other plugins with command options to hook into this via command.
    - Give me suggestions! (Even if its already on the list i don't care just makes me add it sooner)