EssentialsUserDataReset 1.0.0

Reset Essentials' user data by specifying the top-level nodes (homes, money, timestamps, etc.)

  1. vk2gpz
    Are you resetting your map? Do you need to reset some Essentials data but keep some?

    You can selectively remove player's Essentials data with this plugin.

    Usage: /eudr <top-level-names>
    Code (Text):
    /eudr homes
    will remove everyone's home information

    Code (Text):
    /eudr money timestamps
    will remove everyone's money (balance) and all timestamps information.

    • Please make your backup before you execute this command.
    • It's recommended to execute this command when there is no player (I would suggest to turn on the whitelist then execute this command).
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Recent Reviews

  1. 24763
    Version: 1.0.0
    Vk always creates inventive (no pun intended) plugins which are so helpful for different scenarios such as Resetting your map (this plugin)
  2. Terrobility
    Version: 1.0.0
    As soon as I need a plugin that resets Essentials money data, I find out that VK has just released something that does it for me. EssentialsUserDataReset does what it's supposed to, which is resetting certain parts of Essentials userdata.
  3. ProxyBite
    Version: 1.0.0
    This plugins is very util and very simple commands for reset essentials user data and not delete files .yml <3