EssentialsX 2.17.1

An updated fork of Essentials with spawner support, performance enhancements, and more

  1. drtshock
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    md678685, vemacs, SupaHam
    Languages Supported:
    Most of them


    If you love us and want to further motivate the project, donations are a good way to do that. If you can't / don't want to, another good way is to let us know that you appreciate our work by making a post saying thanks.
    Why you should use it

    EssentialsX provides several performance enhancements and fixes that are currently not available in Essentials and Spigot-Essentials, most importantly fixed mob spawner support for 1.8+ servers. See the wiki for details.

    EssentialsX is almost a completely drop-in replacement for Essentials. However, it has different requirements:

    • EssentialsX requires Vault to enable chat prefix/suffixes and group support if you have a supported permissions plugin.

    • If you have an unsupported permissions plugin but still wish to use wildcards, enable use-bukkit-permissions in the configuration. Otherwise, the plugin will fall back to config-based permissions.

    • EssentialsX requires Java 8 or above.
    Metrics collection

    This plugin uses bStats - you can opt out using the global bStats config.
    Old MCStats graph for historical purposes:


    Need help with using EssentialsX? Join the MOSS Discord community to ask for help and discuss EssentialsX.

    If you need to report a bug or want to suggest a new feature, you can open an issue on GitHub.
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Recent Updates

  1. Fix spigot dupe
  2. 1.14.3
  3. Backwards compat and bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. kotzeimer
    Version: 2.17.1
    Alles gut. Nur bei ESSENTIALS Chat kann man kein Nachrichten Delay usw. einstellen.
  2. Ryanhero10K
    Version: 2.17.1
    It's great, most youtubers use it and i finally found it
    It's pretty cool :3
    but i rate it 4 stars
  3. GetShreck
    Version: 2.17.1
    Support didn't help me whatsoever about my welcome message not working for latest version and old versions, none works...
  4. DJMEX
    Version: 2.17.1
    Exelente :3 10/10
    me gusta porque es facil de usar y sencillo like yo lo uso en mi server
  5. FatherWh0
    Version: 2.17.1
    Thank you drtshock and the others who help you for maintaining EssentialsX. There are no words to reflect the level of gratitude the community owes you. Tens of thousands of servers are running smoothly thanks to you.
  6. rexvonzombie
    Version: 2.17.1
    People really take this plugin for granted; over 47,000 downloads in this version yet just 5 reviews. drtshock has done a great job at maintaining EssentialsX. It's still working spectacularly, so I'd like to say thank you. Please never stop upkeeping EssentialsX.
  7. Creperek132
    Version: 2.17.1
    the best plugin for core server I use it on my server

    the best plugin for core server I use it on my server
  8. Mr_rider
    Version: 2.17.1
    Very useful plugin, very lightweight, does exactly what it says it does perfectly. Would recommend to anyone who has a Minecraft server. 5/5 Stars
  9. RoloIsDarude
    Version: 2.17.1
    A very convenient and overall essential plugin to have for any server. Would recommend!
  10. RedYoshi
    Version: 2.17.1
    Sleep is instant and no config to toggle of.
    1. drtshock
      Author's Response
      Please join discord if you need support or have any issues to report and we can help you :)