EssentialsX 2.18.2

An updated fork of Essentials with spawner support, performance enhancements, and more

  1. md678685
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    md678685 / mdcfe, Trent / drtshock, SupaHam, pop4959, JRoy
    Languages Supported:
    Most of them - see for the full list


    About EssentialsX
    EssentialsX is the essential plugin suite for Spigot servers, including over 130 commands and countless features for servers of any scale!

    EssentialsX is a continuation of the original Essentials 2 plugin for Bukkit servers, adding support for the latest Minecraft versions. EssentialsX also includes several performance enhancements and fixes on top of the original Essentials, as well as plenty of new useful features for servers.

    You can view major differences and learn how to set EssentialsX up over at the EssentialsX wiki.

    • EssentialsX is designed to use modern permissions plugins - we strongly recommend LuckPerms. You also need Vault for prefix/suffix support.
    • EssentialsX currently supports CraftBukkit, Spigot and Paper (recommended). Other server implementations may work, but we don't recommend them as they may cause compatibility issues.


    Get help.png

    Looking for help with EssentialsX? You can join the MOSS server on Discord for community-powered support.
    You can also start a discussion or report bugs on GitHub.

    Note: please use MOSS or GitHub for support, not private messages, the forum thread or the review section on SpigotMC. You'll get a much faster answer on Discord or GitHub than on SpigotMC.

    EssentialsX is provided completely free-of-charge. If you'd like to support the EssentialsX project, you can make a recurring donation on Patreon or GitHub Sponsors, or make a one-off donation on Ko-fi.

    Patreon.png Ko-fi.png GitHub.png

    If you're not able to donate, we'd really appreciate if you could take the time to write a review below, or give us a star on GitHub. Every little helps!

    Metrics collection
    EssentialsX collects anonymous server statistics through bStats, an open-source statistics service for Minecraft software.


    If you'd like to disable metrics collection via bStats, you can edit the plugins/bStats/config.yml file.

    EssentialsX is an open source project released under the GPLv3 license, and we welcome code contributions on GitHub.
    Our translations are also crowd-sourced, so if you'd like to help bring EssentialsX to your language, you can do so on Crowdin.
    Finally, if you're knowledgable about EssentialsX and want to help others, you can join us on MOSS and GitHub Discussions to help other people with setting up and using EssentialsX.
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Recent Reviews

  1. danil20028191
    Version: 2.18.2
    Great plugin. Works perfect on PaperSpigot 1.16.5! Can you add permission essentials.msg.magic essentials.msg.bold essentials.msg.strikebold essentials.msg.italic essentials.msg.color and essentials.msg.rgb.<rgb_color> to make more configurable?
  2. benjamonSRL
    Version: 2.18.2
    If you have more than an hour playing, you will understand perfectly what the plugin is, if you do not understand it, a wiki was created for something
  3. thunderstorm195
    Version: 2.18.2
    Terrible. This plugin might add a few useful commands to your server but it completely ruins all the vanilla commands. It prevents your from using /clear to remove armor and it prevents the give command from giving people items with enchants which can be a big problem if a plugin uses that. I would not recommend.
  4. Jadss_pt
    Version: 2.18.2
    Do I even have to say a word for this plugin? Incredible job in every way possible.
  5. EricTheGamer911
    Version: 2.18.2
    Cant do commands like /kill @e , you can only do /kill PlayerUsername123. Other than removing vanilla commands it works great. Another thing eith it its that it removes autofill when pressing tab
  6. Thundurh
    Version: 2.18.2
    Literally a must-have. Supplies so many great commands that you really do need in order to run a successful server. Recommend!
  7. ppaatrik
    Version: 2.18.2
    l like this plugin very much but... /back is so buggy it wont even teleport you to your position if you die.
    Lets say you move /t spawn and you want back to your position you was on. it will chooce your third place instead.
  8. victorlindox
    Version: 2.18.2
    Nice plugin,
    the best plugin in the world
    Thanks Men
  9. SaltyAgainn
    Version: 2.18.2
    Just amazing, I have used this on every server I have created and will continue to.
  10. CameronTheNinja
    Version: 2.18.2
    This is a very solid plugin and I would recommend for most servers, I just have one problem that makes it unusable on mine. For some reason it messes with the /give command, normally this would be fine, however, if you're playing with mods it becomes a problem. You can't use /give to give the player any items from any mods and it becomes a problem whenever you're trying to use a Loot Create as they generally (in the ones that I found for free) use the give command to give the player that opened it the item. This is a massive problem for any modded server trying to use this plugin... but as servers that use both mods and plugins are few and far between, I didn't let it affect my review of this too much seeing as how for a plugin it works fantastically and really adds a lot of good features, I just personally can't use it.