EssentialsX 2.18.2

An updated fork of Essentials with spawner support, performance enhancements, and more

  1. 2.17.2: The Bees Update - full 1.15.x support

    EssentialsX 2.17.2 is here! This release comes with full 1.15.x support, as well as a couple new features and various bug fixes.

    Thanks to @md678685 @pop4959, @triagonal, @darbyjack, @Ichbinjoe, @AgentTroll, @JRoy, @CmdrKittens, @JasonHorkles and many other people who have contributed to this release!

    In addition, thanks to our supporters on Patreon, in particular our Hero tier supporters:

    • AKP
    • Wasted Ticks
    • ...and 2 other patrons
    EssentialsX supports SpigotMC's "CraftBukkit" and Spigot server software, as well as Paper. We recommend using the latest version of Paper, as it includes several performance enhancements over Spigot and is fully compatible with Spigot plugins. Specifically, EssentialsX is designed to work on the following Minecraft versions:
    • ⚠️ 1.8.8, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2 and 1.13.2 - these versions are still supported, but are not a priority for us.
    • ✅ 1.14.4 and 1.15.2 - these versions are regularly tested against.
    NOTE: GeoIP changes
    As you may have noticed, older versions of EssentialsX GeoIP will cause errors and no longer keep their databases up-to-date. You'll need to follow the new setup guide to get GeoIP up and running again.

    Upgrading to 2.17.2
    Except for GeoIP, EssentialsX 2.17.2 does not require any config changes from 2.17.1. However, 2.17.2 adds some new settings to config.yml - to use these, you can either generate a new config.yml or add them to your existing config.

    Upgrading from older versions of EssentialsX? See the previous update changelogs.

    New features
    • You can now run /delkit <kit> to delete a kit. (b97eb12, #2908)
    • You can now specify more different types of projectile in /fireball, and control whether players have access to each type using permissions. (60c4e75, ff9f712)
    • You can now disable logging command blocks commands to the console by setting log-command-block-commands: false in config.yml. (#2599)
    • You can now prevent players putting certain materials on as hats by giving them the permission essentials.hat.prevent-type.<material>. (#2574)
    • The spawn-if-no-home config option from the original Essentials has been re-added. (#2757)
    • You can now spawn in bees with /spawnmob (or kill them with /killall, if you're a monster). (#2873)
    • You can now use UUIDs in more commands. (#2606)
    • You can now include | characters in item lore by prepending it with a \\. (#2831)
    • You can now add custom aliases on all versions using the custom_items.yml file. (#2895)
    • Beezooka! (#3003)
    • AntiBuild: You can now use the build: true meta with LuckPerms. (4ce7dfa)
    • AntiBuild: "You are not permitted to..." messages now have a nicer-looking item name. (a2e0912)
    • Chat: You can now use the {USERNAME} placeholder in chat formats if you want to include the unformatted username. (#2781)
    • Protect: You can now control entity transformations on 1.13.2 and above. (#2836, #2942)
    Bug fixes
    • Trade signs created on 1.12.x or below now work properly on 1.13+. (2c33fb6)
    • The player:<player> metadata for spawning in player heads now works on all versions. (5f9eb22, 219012b)
    • The plugins now build on Java 9+. (#2871)
    • You can now set one-word AFK messages. (#2876)
    • Players in jail can no longer change their gamemode. (#2875)
    • Command cooldowns now persist properly across server reboots. (#2888)
    • /unlimited no longer corrupts user data. (#2811)
    • /unbanip now broadcasts unbans to players with the essentials.banip.notify permission, not the essentials.ban.notify permission. (#2774)
    • If an error occurs while copying items.json for the first time, the error message will now state items.json instead of items.csv. (6a7cf39)
    • EssentialsX will no longer assume that the player has a primary group, fixing issues with PEX 2.0 and potentially other permissions plugins. (1c4ce7b)
    • Item resolvers providing item names to tab complete now works properly. (#2910)
    • Builds of EssentialsX compiled against JDK9 will now run on Java 8. (fa06cd8)
    • EssentialsX no longer displays its own bed spawn message on 1.15+. (#2926)
    • Items which were renamed or replaced in 1.14 can now be spawned in on 1.13.x. (d92f5ce)
    • Filtering commands for the autocompletion in 1.13+ is now more efficient, particularly on outdated unsupported permissions plugins. (#3026)
    • /fireball now works on 1.8.8 again. (#3027)
    • GeoIP: The new MaxMind GeoLite2 API and license key system is now supported. (#2926)
    • Nyan.
    API changes
    • UserBalanceUpdateEvent now includes a Cause. (#2824)

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