An updated fork of Essentials with spawner support, performance enhancements, and more

  1. Reposting with main jar -

    Clean release notes can be found here on Github.

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    Upgrade Instructions

    • If you're upgrading from the previous release, the first time...
  2. 1.12

  3. Command Cooldowns!

    * Add command cooldowns (see
    * Fix antibuild piston bug
    * Broadcast mute length
    * Update user balance event
    * Ignore flight check in spectator mode
    * Allow color codes in nickname prefix
    * Nullcheck in timer
    * Add teleport to center option. This will teleport players to the center of blocks
    * Make /tp command parse decimals
    * Don't list NPCs in /baltop (such as Factions)
    * Add mod...
  4. 1.10 support

  5. More 1.9 updates

    == 330
    * Fixed all(most) issues reported with 1.9 so far.
    * Potions
    * Gamemode superperms fixed
    * Spawn eggs
    * Enchantments
    * meta tags

    If you need other binaries, check out
  6. Initial 1.9

    @vemacs fixed all initial 1.9 issues reported.
  7. 1.7.x and Nick permission fix

    • Adds bypass permission for /nick colors
    • Forcibly loads offlineplayer class to prevent other conflicting plugins from breaking ess.
    • Per world /time
    • 1.7.x compatibility
    • Make currency display prettier
  8. Build 245

    * Fixed signs again.
    * Added specific permission for only changing the color of your nick name.
    * Add support for /seen <uuid>
    * Grace period before AFK check
    * Remove 'colour' in permission nodes to prevent interfering with wildcards

    Thanks to @SupaHam and @AdamQpzm for their help with the sign issue :)
  9. Lots more fixes


    Huge thanks to @vemacs and @SupaHam for their contributions :)

    • Configuration message for messaging players with messaging off.
    • Correct bulk sell permission check
    • Disk write fix
    • Add support for deserializing RGB colors
    • Fix offline player functionality in /seen and other commands
    • Adds toggleable config option 'ignore-colors-in-max-nick-length' to exclude ChatColors from nickname length
    • Fix...
  10. /msgtoggle, social spy exempt, and me chat radius.

    • Give money back to sender if MaxMoneyException is thrown
    • Add /msgtoggle to silently ignore messages from other players
    • Fix naming in parent module
    • Have /me respect chat radius
    • Send emotes to yourself
    • Add separate permission for bulk sell and hand sell
    • New permission for changing all game modes
    • Add permission for being exempt from social spy
    • Add gamemode check when gamemoding self