EtherTicks 1.2.1

Schedule repeating console commands which can optionally be done once or for each player.

  1. Penguinchao
    EtherTicks allows you to schedule commands that are sent by the console. You can create simple commands that just repeat on an interval as well as create tasks that are executed for each player.
    • Schedule repeating tasks that are executed every X seconds.
    • Option to make tasks that execute once for every online player
    • When executing for each player, you can use "@p" in the command, which will insert the player's username.
    • Lightweight
    • Works on Bukkit/Spigot/Cauldron 1.7.10 and later

    Example Config:
    Code (Text):
    #Console Logging, when enabled, tells you when a task is being executed, and whether per-player tasks had any players to execute on.
    console-logging: false
    #Debug Logging, when enabled, will notify the console at various stages of the task, which helps in solving errors (please turn on when you submit a bug report).
    debug-enabled: false
    tasks: #The parent node for all tasks
     sampletask: #This is the name of your task - it can be anything
      interval: 40 #In seconds
      allplayers: false #<--Should this task be executed once for each player?
      commands: #All commands, executed top-down
      - say Hello World #<-- The dash MUST be before each command line
      - say Hello Again
      interval: 20
      allplayers: true
      requirepermission: true #<-- Task will execute on each online player with the permission etherticks.taxk.sampletask2
      - say hello @p #<-- Use @p to insert the player name of the player being targeted
      interval: 25
      allplayers: true
      requirepermission: false #<-- Task will execute on each online player
      - say hello @p, you are not special
      interval: 10 #<-- how long until the next task after the current task completes
      allplayers: false
      - say Hello timer
      - sleepticks 5000
      - say Hello 5 Seconds later
    EtherTicks is part of my "Ether" Series, which supports Cauldron 1.7.10 and later in addition to supporting 1.7.10 servers and later.