Evelyn - Minecraft CleverBot 1.1-SNAPSHOT

Evelyn is a bukkit plugin that provides a chatter bot for minecraft servers.

  1. tmxx
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Attention: There are some issues with the Jabberwacky service. Please use the Cleverbot or the Pandorabots service instead!

    Who is Evelyn?

    Evelyn is a chatter bot for your minecraft server. And that's all!
    You can have fun with her chatting in different languages, you can
    specify in the configuration file.

    How do I install Evelyn?

    You want to install Evelyn on your server? Nothing easier than that!
    Just drag and drop the evelyn-1.1-SNAPSHOT.jar into your server's
    plugins folder, restart and boom, you can start talking to evelyn! Please
    notice that you really have to restart your server, otherwise Evelyn will
    react like this:


    But if you did it all the right way, she will talk to you like this:


    Isn't it amazing, huh?

    Commands & Permissions

    Evelyn needs only one command to run properly.

    Actually you need only one command to talk to evelyn. If you want to talk to evelyn yourself or if you want your users to talk to evelyn, you should give yourself and your users the "evelyn.command.talk" permissions to be able to execute /evelyn <Message>.

    All users with the "evelyn.info.availability" permission will get a notification in their chat when they join the game and evelyns services are unavailable.


    Evelyn has two different configuration files. First the main configuration, which looks like this:

    Code (Text):
    # The allowed locales for evelyn.
    - en_US
    - de_DE
    # The bot type of evelyn. Available types are:
    #    - CLEVERBOT
    #    - JABBERWACKY
    #    - PANDORABOTS
    type: CLEVERBOT
    # The bot id of evelyn. Only necessary if type is PANDORABOTS
    botId: unknown
    There you can edit the following settings:
    - The languages (locales) Evelyn should support when talking to your users
    - The service type Evelyn should use. You can decide between three different service type: Cleverbot, Jabberwacky and PandoraBots. Please notice that PandoraBots also needs a bot id to run properly.

    Second the messages configuration, which looks like this:

    Code (Text):
    # This message is displayed if a user wants to talk to evelyn
    # but there is no connection
    evelynDoesntWant: '&cHm. It looks like Evelyn doesn''t want to talk to you. Maybe
      try again later.'
    # This message is only displayed to users with a specified permission
    # if evelyns service is not available
    evelynIsOffline: ┬žeEvelyn is currently &cnot available. &ePlease check your service status.
    # This message is displayed when evelyn answers to a user
    evelynPrefix: '&aEvelyn&7: &f'
    # This message is displayed when a user is chatting with evelyn
    selfPrefix: '&eMe&7: &f'
    # This message is displayed if the console wants to talk to evelyn
    noConsole: '&cEvelyn doesn''t want to talk to consoles. Sorry.'
    # This message is displayed if a user only types /evelyn in chat
    noArgs: '&cEvelyn doesn''t like silence. Maybe use &7/&aevelyn [Message]'
    There you have the possibility to edit all messages.

    Social Media & Other Stuff

    If you enjoy my work make sure to follow me on Twitter and GitHub so you don't miss new updates or new resources.

    You can also find Evelyns source code on GitHub

    Have a nice day!

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    Version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    This plugin is "SuperGeil" how it Edeka would say c:

    I like how it takes the data from the Cleverbot :D
  2. Vaan
    Version: 1.1-SNAPSHOT
    Good plugin ! evelyn can speak french ? commands of plugin ?
    Thx for all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. tmxx
      Author's Response
      Well. Shutdown your server, add "- fr_FR" to the locales list in evelyns main configuration, start your server again and ask her yourself! ;)