EventDebugger 1.1

Got an event that is being altered by an unknown plugin, but you got 69 plugins, then click here!

  1. Properly fix stackoverflow and display priority of remapped listeners

    That's about it.
  2. Fix stackoverflowerror when a user tries to listen to the method "callEvent"

    You should only listen for the getters of any events to reflect changes in the value behind the curtains.
  3. Add org.slf4j to shaded libraries

    Added org.slf4j to shaded libraries
  4. Add support for cloneable returns and subevents.

    Clones values from methods subscribed to, and now offers support for sub events that don't have their own handler.
  5. Fix a few issues

    Fixes a config parsing issue, and allows listening to itemstack changes.
  6. Rewritten in kotlin

    Lesser size, lesser code obscurity
  7. Add improvements of the logger and a new feature.

    First off, due to a suggestion by a user, you can now listen to all cancellable events by simply tuning the config.yml

    Upon the first launch of 0.2, you will also need to redo your old config if you got any.

    This update will make the logger consistent instead of using the listener logger.

    This also adds another library which fattens up the jar a little more, bear over with it for the features