EventHandler 1.5.1

A better way to handle unwanted server events

  1. ShaneBee
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    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    EventHandler is a simple plugin that allows server Owners/Admins to cancel specific events on their server that may not be supported by other plugins.

    I thought of this idea when I came across a few random threads where members were looking to cancel some small events, like entities crushing turtle eggs, tab complete, filling buckets, and so much more.

    This plugin currently has a small list of events that you can cancel simply by setting the cancel to true in the config. Ive split it up into 4 main categories, Block Events, Server Events, Entity Events and Player Events. All of the player events have an option to send a message to the player when they attempt said event, as well as bypass permissions. Some of the events will require Paper since their API includes a lot more things.

    If you have ideas for more events for me to add, I am all ears. I would like to make this plugin more extensive so bring on those ideas.

    Everything is off by default.

    Tab Complete - Blocks players from using the tab complete functions.
    Lightning Strike - Prevents lightning from striking

    Pig Zap - Prevents lightning striking pigs and turning them into Pigmen
    Enter Boat - Prevents entities (other than players) from entering boats [NEW]
    Enter Minecart - Prevents entities (other than players) from entering Minecarts [NEW]
    Spawner Spawn - Prevents mobs from spawning from spawners
    Turtle Egg Trample - Prevents entities (I think only zombies do this) from trampling turtle eggs [NOTE: Requires latest build of Spigot 1.13.2 as of Nov 12/2018 or Paper 1.13.2 build #442]
    Turtle Lay Eggs - Prevents turtles from laying eggs as they walk around [Requires Paper]
    Skeleton Trap - Prevents Skeleton Traps from spawning more skeleton horses / skeletons when a player gets near. [Requires Paper]
    Witch Throw Potion - Prevents witches from throwing potions at players [Requires Paper]

    Anvil Break - Prevents anvils from breaking [Requires Paper]
    Dispense - Prevents dispensers from dispensing items
    Form - Prevents blocks from forming (Examples: Snow forming due to a snow storm, Ice forming in a snowy Biome like Taiga or Tundra, Obsidian / Cobblestone forming due to contact with water, Concrete forming due to mixing of concrete powder and water.)
    Leaf Decay - Prevents leaves from decaying
    Sponge Absorb - Prevents sponges from absorbing water

    Breeding - Prevents players from breeding animals
    Bucket Fill - Prevents players from filling buckets
    Bucket Empty - Prevents players from emptying buckets
    Command OP/DEOP - Prevents players from using the OP/DEOP commands [NEW]
    Consume Potion - Prevents players from consuming potions [NEW]
    Consume Milk - Prevents players from consuming milk [NEW]
    Creative Inventory Drop - Prevents players whom are in creative mode from dropping items on the ground (Useful if you don't want creative players to give items to survival players)
    Drop Item - Prevents players from dropping items on the ground
    Enter Bed - Prevents players from entering beds
    Fishing - Prevents players from fishing [NEW]
    Jump - Prevents players from jumping [Requires Paper]
    Tame - Prevents players from taming animals
    Thrown Egg Spawn Chickens - Prevents chickens spawning when a player throws an egg
    Throw Egg - Prevents players from throwing eggs [NEW]
    Throw Snowball - Prevents players from throwing snowballs [NEW]
    Toggle Sprinting - Prevents players from toggling sprinting [NEW]
    Trample Crops - Prevents players from trampling crops
    Trample Turtle Eggs - Prevents players from trampling turtle eggs (#SaveTheTurtles)

    A short list of commands
    - /EventHandler about - Tiny bit of info about the plugin
    - /EventHandler reload - Reloads the config after you make changes
    - /EventHandler list <All/Block/Entity/Player/Server> - Lists all the available events for this plugin that can be cancelled. Also shows whether or not they are currently enabled/disabled
    - /EventHandler enable <All/Block/Entity/Player/Server> <event name> - Allows a user to enable (set config to true therefor cancelling event) an event in game or via console (Automatically reloads config)
    - /EventHandler disable <All/Block/Entity/Player/Server> <event name> - Allows a user to disable (set config to false therefor event is not cancelled and acts naturally) an event in game or via console (Automatically reloads config)
    Command Alias: /eh

    Well I may have accidentally deleted these pictures, Ill have to re-take them soon™️!
    New list command:
    Command arguments, so you never have to guess
    Shows you the available categories to see lists of events per category or all
    Shows all events in said category and whether or not they're enabled/disabled in your config

    New Enable/Disable command:
    Gives you the optional event categories
    Autofills in the events for you
    As soon as you enable/disable an event, the config is auto-updated

    - eventhandler.admin - Permission to use the /eh <about/reload> commands
    - eventhandler.bypass.* - Bypass all cancelled PLAYER events
    - eventhandler.bypass.breed - Bypasses the cancelled player breed event
    - eventhandler.bypass.bucketfill - Bypasses the cancelled player bucket fill event
    - eventhandler.bypass.bucketempty - Bypasses the cancelled player bucket empty event
    - eventhandler.bypass.consumemilk - Bypasses the cancelled player consume milk event
    - eventhandler.bypass.consumepotion - Bypasses the cancelled player consume potion event
    - eventhandler.bypass.creativeinvdrop - Bypasses the cancelled player creative inventory drop event
    - eventhandler.bypass.dropitem - Bypasses the cancelled player drop item event
    - eventhandler.bypass.enterbedevent - Bypasses the cancelled player enter bed event
    - eventhandler.bypass.fishing - Bypasses the cancelled player fishing event
    - eventhandler.bypass.jump - Bypasses the cancelled player jump event
    - eventhandler.bypass.tabcomplete - Bypasses the cancelled tab complete event
    - eventhandler.bypass.tame - Bypasses the cancelled player tame event
    - eventhandler.bypass.throwneggspawnchicken - Bypasses the cancelled player thrown egg spawn chicken event
    - eventhandler.bypass.throwegg - Bypasses the cancelled player throw egg event
    - eventhandler.bypass.throwsnowball - Bypasses the cancelled player throw snowball event
    - eventhandler.bypass.tramplecrops - Bypasses the cancelled player trample crop event
    - eventhandler.bypass.trampleeggs - Bypasses the cancelled player trample turtle egg event

    Please do not use reviews for help. If you post in reviews for support you will not receive support, as I can only reply to your review, and not have a conversation back and forth.

    - Discussion tab is a great way to get support
    - GitHub, you can post issues on this resource's GitHub page
    - Discord - I also have a private DISCORD channel for my resource. (Look for the category on the left "Projects-Support")

    Feel free to donate if you would like :) Any support helps out
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  1. Gustavo_Player
    Version: 1.5.1
    Good plugin. OwO
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the kind review.
      I think its about time I do an update soon with some newer events.
  2. Antrox
    Version: 1.5.1
    Can recommend this plugin, it works great and the dev is crazy fast on bugfixes and feature requests, 5/5!
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the great review, I appreciate it!
  3. SluthoPrud
    Version: 1.5.1
    Very good plugin! Hmm, nothing more to say I guess?
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)
  4. Shadowpauler
    Version: 1.2.0 [1.13+]
    Perfect for hiding commands they shouldn't see using tab and reworking the help menu with the advanced help plugin! This plugin works very well with it and can possibly reduce lag!
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the great review.
      Glad to see you are enjoying it :)