EventHandler 1.5.1

A better way to handle unwanted server events

  1. New Commands [1.2.0]

    • List commands, you can now see all the available events that can be cancelled via a command in game/console. This list will also show what is enable/disabled on your server already. (/EventHandler list <Block/Entity/Player/Server>)
    • Enable/Disable command. Added a command enable or disable events on your server. This may seem backwards buck Enable means setting the config to true which cancels the event, and Disable means setting the config to false which does not cancel the event. (/EventHandler <enable/disable> <Block/Entity/Player/Server> )
    • Tab Completer - Will show all the options for enabling and disabling of events
    • Fixed a missing permission in the plugin.yml
    • Changed some of the info shown in( /EventHandler about)
    • Changed some of the info at the top of the config.yml file
    All new commands have been added to the overview page. As well, I added some images to show the new commands and tab completer in action.
    Special thanks to @KingTux for the suggestions on these commands.
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