EventPluginPlus 1.0


  1. iGlorix
    dobrakmato, iGlorix
    A powerful automatic event managment solution
    Latest Version: 0.3.5 [1.2.4 - 1.2.5 +] | Working on: 0.3.6

    Latest News
    Added random event command. /events random - Joins random event

    EventsPlus is a event managment solution. It contains creating event warps, teleporting to evets and automatical item or money give if the player win the event! Currently it supports only 3 of main economy plugins: iConomy, BOSEconomy and Essentials but more will come. Everything what is done player side is commandless (except teleporting to event), all is done by right clicking on event signs.

    Please see Signs wiki page.

    To check plugin commands visit Commands page.

    In config you can find two values, debug and economy plugin.

    Defualt config

    #EventsPlus default conifg | Version 0.3.5

    #Old value, no more used. You can ignore it
    #economy_plugin: iConomy
    #If true plugin will spam more things into console
    debug: false
    #If true plugin will broadcast a message on event win
    broadcast_wins: true

    Currently is supported only OP and EVERYONE permisssions. Check commands part to see which commands are OP only.

    1. Unlimited checkpoints
    2. Maybe 2 teams checkpoints
    3. More flags
    4. Add permissions
    In next release
    Version 0.3.6

    • Rework PlayedEvent object to support to unlimited checkpoints (1)
    • Rework Sign_Place function to support CH0-unlimited (1)
    • Add more event flags
    • Fix command /events set
    • Automaticaly deny teleport commands while is palyer playing event.
    • Command /events leave - to quit event, and resume use of teleport commands.
    • Command /events back will teleport player to last clicked checkpoint.
    • Command /events chlist will show you a list of all checkpooints in event with their state - MARKED THERE / NOT YET
    • Colored [Events] on signs
    Know Bugs
    • Bug on /events remove and /events removeprofile