Events 1.6r(1)

Event Manager for easier event organisation

  1. Rabbit_Hunter
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    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    Event manager that allows you to register and modify events.
    Players at event have different level, hp, inventory and event potion effects, that are adjustable.
    If player leaves an event, he will be teleported back to his location with everything he had before (levels,hp etc.).

    Mods are functions that adjusts every Event to owner's needs.
    You can edit them with /e modify <event> command (if you have active event, you can use just /e modify)

    Implemented mods are:
    • lava = fail (is disabled, lava will just kill player)
    • no-fall
    • checkpoints
    • Settable amount of hp
    • Start items
    • Start effects
    Start Items
    If you put something into this inventory, all players that will connect to this event will get these items as event items, usable only at event.
    Players will get back his own items after leaving an event.
    Start effects
    If you put potions into this inventory, player will get effects out of that potions with infinite time.
    This event effects work similar as starting items. Players will get back his own potions after leaving an event.

    If player join event, new backup file will be created with list of his items and level progress.
    Items are retrievable with /e backup get <player> command.
    Newly can be retrieved to online player (owner) by button.

    Win Counter
    You can manage player's winrate thru /e win command.
    For top 10 players list type /e win list

    Rewards & Finish
    New function that will automaticaly broadcast and kick winner with configurable rewards (if he dont have enough slots, he will drop it on the floor).
    You can set rewards in /e modify -> mods, finnish position in modify menu (just stand on position where finnish should be)

    Item Generator
    with /e generateitem [rarity] [true/false enchanted]
    you can generate event item with random modifiers and enchants

    Rarity list:
    • Mythic
    • Legendary
    • Rare
    • Uncommon
    • Common

    Older Versions

    JAR versions here
    APIs here

    JAR versions here

    Possible Features in newer versions
    • Place control similar to residences, if player leaves this place, he will get kicked out of event.
    • Fully customizable item generator through .yml file
    • older versions are not compatible with version 1.5.0 or newer.
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Recent Reviews

  1. NovaM24
    Version: 1.5.0r(5)
    It is super intuitive! easy to configure and many options, keeping a vanilla minecraft style, the only option I see that is missing is the one you comment above to place event barriers