Events 1.6r(1)

Event Manager for easier event organisation

  1. Newly added /e generateitem, and updated to 1.16.3

    ● updated API to 1.16.3
    ● added generateitem command
    - creates random item with random attributes
    - use more arguments to define rarity and if the item should be enchanted
    ● fixed bug of /e checkpoint show
    ● fixed bug of loading words in first run
    ● fixed bug of /e modify
    - rewards mod 9th place removed due to "back" button
  2. Version 1.5.0

    - whole new mods system
    note: Because of the new system events from older versions are imcompatible and will be removed, you will need to setup events again!

    - added new mods & commands
    - reworked backup system
    - added "finish" position and automatic rewards (toggable in mods)
  3. lang.yml edit, plugin string response fix

    - Edited lang.yml -> added default english language messages
    - Fixed plugin response strings