Evolution (Minigame) 1.0

Fun little minigame to put on your server.

  1. ApplePie
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
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    What is Evolution?

    Evolution is a minigame designed around the word evolution.
    The game is pretty simple.
    Kill players to evolve, be killed and you degrade a level.
    There are 5 stages.
    First stage you have a wooden sword.
    Second stage you have a stone sword.
    Third stage you have an iron sword.
    Fourth stage you have a diamond sword.
    Fifth stage you have a diamond
    sword, a bow and 64 arrows.

    Feel free to:
    Feel free to suggest new ideas, and report bugs.

    /evolve! (Starts or stops the game)

    Evolution.* (Give all administrators this permissions - Ability to start/stop game)



    Why should I try Evolution?
    You should try Evolution because it's a fun minigame, and it's easy to setup.

    Does Evolution come with world border and arena placement?
    Unfortunately no.
    However, you can setup a world border and an arena easily!
    Just download WorldGuard and WorldEdit for the worldborder, and the arena you can build yourself (or download a map off of the internet)

    Use code "ApplePie" for 15% off.
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