EvsNickname v1.0

Have custom nicknames with spaces!

  1. DeDevLight
    EvsNickname is a plugin that allows you to have spaces in your nickname! To upload this plugin, download it go to your plugins folder (plugins/) and drag it in or upload it, then start your server, restart your server or reload your server to have this plugin fully work

    This happens whenever you don't add a nick after /nick

    If you try turning off your nick by doing /nick off it will make your nick
    "off" so make sure you do /nick (your username) (/nick off will be in a future update!:))



    Things to do in the future!

    Add your own custom prefix
    Add /nick off to remove your nick
    Over ride Essentials

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Recent Reviews

  1. PuchiGFX
    Version: v1.0
    Nic plugin and nic idea!
    but please... add essentials support (i mean: "/nick changes ur displayname") if u do dis u will get my 5 stars :D
  2. johnmon264
    Version: v1.0
    I like the idea but it doesn't work with PEX permision system and I would LOVE for this to replace essentials /nick. Cool idea though!