Example plugin in kotlin 0.1 Alpha

This plugin is a very simple example using kotlin!

  1. DrMemeulous
    Source: https://github.com/Whalerus/ExapleKotlin
    This plugin does nothing besides send various hello world messages, its intended as an reference for devs whom want to code spigot plugins in other languages!

    If you think an example feature should be added open an issue on git hub!
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Recent Reviews

  1. AlexDicy
    Version: 0.1 Alpha
    Thanks for this example, I was trying to find a way to replace the usual "plugin = this" and MainCall.getPlugin() (or instance)
  2. MumbosHut
    Version: 0.1 Alpha
    Great example of implementing Kotlin as an alternative language for plugin development!

    Thanks for giving unfamiliar developers a place to start their endeavours.
    1. DrMemeulous
      Author's Response
      Thanks yeah, Feel free to fork it and do as you want with it :)