ExcellentEnchants - Vanilla-like enchantments! [1.15 - 1.17]

Adds 50+ vanilla-like enchantments for your server!

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    This plugin adds more than 40 vanilla-like enchantments on your server! All enchantments has its own config files where you can adjust enchantment mechanics. Anvils, Villagers, Enchanting table, Loot Generation are supported!
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    Maximum Compatibility:
    • All enchantments are properly registered and integrated into the server, which means they respect all vanilla enchantment mechanics and you're able to use them together with other plugins without issues!
    • Mobs with items enchanted with custom enchantments will have all their effects!
    • All vanilla mechanics are supported: Enchanting Table, Anvils, Villagers, Grindstones, Loot generation!
    Maximum Customization:
    • Every enchantment has its own config file where you can adjust its mechanics!
    • Almost every enchantment mechanic option allows you to use placeholders (such as enchantment level) and simple math expressions to have a different value(s) for each enchantment level.
    • Every enchantment has configurable chance to be obtained from Enchanting Table, Villager Trades and Chests in dungeons/caves.
    • Some enchantments, that gives permanent potion effects, can have a configurable item cost, that player must have in inventory for enchantment effect to be applied.
    • Also, every enchantment has a description that will be added to items with custom enchantment(s).
    General Enhancements:
    • You can disable any enchantment you dislike!
    • There is an option to define max. amount of custom enchantments item can contain.
    • There is an option to allow Sword enchantments to be applied on Axes too.
    • There is an option to allow Bow enchantments to be applied on Crossbows too.
    • There is an option to allow Chestplate enchantments to be applied on Elytras too.
    • Enchantment Tiers. Allows you to split enchantments by its rarity and define a color for each tier.
    • A GUI with all custom enchantments where you can see min. and max. level, on which items it can be applied, conflicts with other enchantments and enchantment effects.
    • Almost every enchantment has a few of visual effects such as particles and sounds!
    Ways to obtain enchantments:
    • Define the global chance for custom enchantments to be obtained in Enchanting table/Villager/Loot chests!
    • Define minimum and maximum amount of custom enchantments that can be applied at once.
    • Define how many item can contain enchantments (including vanilla ones) when custom enchantments are not going to be applied anymore.
    Anvils Support:
    • As in vanilla game, you can combine, upgrade and add custom enchantments on anvils (including enchanted books).
    • For each enchantment you can define different exp cost per enchantment level.
    Villagers Support:
    • Custom enchantments will be applied (if enabled and with configurable chance) on items that villagers offers.
    Loot Generation Support:
    • Custom enchantments will be applied (if enabled and with configurable chance) on items in dungeon/cave chests and minecarts (including chests in Nether and in The End).


    /eenchants [help] - List of plugin commands.
    /eenchants list - List of all custom enchantments.
    /eenchants enchant <enchantment> <level> - (Dis)Enchant item in hand.
    /eenchants book <player> <enchantment> <level> - Give an enchanted book.
    /eenchants tierbook <player> <tier> <level> - Give an enchanted book with random tier enchantment.
    /eenchants reload - Reload the plugin.

    excellentenchants.user - Access to basic plugin functions and commands.
    excellentchants.admin - Full plugin access.

    NoCheatPlus: Compatible with enchantments such as Tunnel, Veinminer to prevent false detections.

    No data about compatibility with other custom enchantment plugins. If you have any, use it on your own risk.

    Probably not compatible with Shopkeepers (enchants are lost after the server restart)
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    Great Plugin I have been using it like for a long time it's great. with a lot of super enchants and we can get them by enchanting table. It's a Great plugin that I recommend a lot!
  3. tomas_uchiha
    hola me gusta este complemento pero quisiera que hicieras el comando /eenchants guiadmin para que hubiera una gui para encantar directamente dese hai (solo para admins) y para users /eenchants gui donde aparezca lo que hacen los enchants y probabilidad y eso
  4. devesh421
    How do I make my own enchant like deep bleed I want to make my own custom enchant can you please tell me?
  5. Angsimosaurus
    It works very well like vanilla and is a great plug-in that adds fun.
    I have one question for you. Is there a GUI-style magic command?
  6. xiongliu
    Awesome plugin! Never had any issues with it whatsoever. Amazing Developer. keep at it!
  7. llamamonium11
    Awesome, But add a way to disable enchanments that you don't want on the server.
  8. Bubblesnaps
    Version: 3.0.6
    Very well done on the recent updates!! Some of the enchants, I could take them or leave them... but that's how it should be! If too many OP enchants my players complain about it. You've got a VERY well balanced system here. Thank you!
  9. StrawberryYu
    I'm wondering if there is a method to get the enchants on a item,I tried the bukkit's ItemMeta.getEnchants() but it doesnt work :(,and i go to your source code but cant find the method: there is no method to get the enchants in the API,i really wish you can add a method or just let the enchants can be getted by the Bukkit's method!Thks very much!
  10. jyklenth
    its really sad to hear this plugin is now in Java 16 :( and the name is changing not Golden Enchantment :(