ExcellentEnchants - Vanilla-like enchantments! 3.2.1

Adds 55+ vanilla-like enchantments for your server! [1.16 - 1.18]

  1. NightExpress
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Russian
    This plugin adds more than 55 vanilla-like enchantments on your server! All enchantments has its own config files where you can adjust enchantment mechanics. Anvils, Villagers, Enchanting table, Loot Generation are supported!

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    Special Thanks to:

    @CashFire - $30 Donation (play.aureusmc.net)
    @Ajneb97 - Plugin video

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    Maximum Compatibility:
    • All enchantments are properly registered and integrated into the server, which means they respect all vanilla enchantment mechanics and you're able to use them together with other plugins without issues!
    • Mobs with items enchanted with custom enchantments will have all their effects!
    • All vanilla mechanics are supported: Enchanting Table, Anvils, Villagers, Grindstones, Loot generation!
    Maximum Customization:
    • Every enchantment has its own config file where you can adjust its mechanics!
    • Almost every enchantment mechanic option allows you to use placeholders (such as enchantment level) and simple math expressions to have a different value(s) for each enchantment level.
    • Every enchantment has configurable chance to be obtained from Enchanting Table, Villager Trades Fishing, appear on Mob Equipment and Loot Chests in dungeons/caves.
    • Also, every enchantment has a description that will be added to items with custom enchantment(s).
    General Features:
    • You can disable any enchantment you dislike!
    • You can disable certain or all enchantments in certain worlds!
    • There is an option to define max. amount of custom enchantments item can contain.
    • There is an option to allow Sword enchantments to be applied on Axes too.
    • There is an option to allow Bow enchantments to be applied on Crossbows too.
    • There is an option to allow Chestplate enchantments to be applied on Elytras too.
    • Enchantment Tiers. Allows you to split enchantments by its rarity and define a color for each tier.
    • A GUI with all custom enchantments where you can see min. and max. level, on which items it can be applied, conflicts with other enchantments and enchantment effects.
    • Almost every enchantment has a few of visual effects such as particles and sounds!
    Enchantment Cost
    • Each enchantment has a toggleable option to require certain item in player's inventory to be triggered. You can specify custom item name, lore, model data, or just set the material.
    Ways to obtain enchantments:
    • Define the global chance for custom enchantments to be obtained in Enchanting table/Villager/Loot chests/Fishing/Mob Equipment!
    • Define minimum and maximum amount of custom enchantments that can be applied at once.
    • Define how many item can contain enchantments (including vanilla ones) when custom enchantments are not going to be applied anymore.
    Anvils Support:
    • As in vanilla game, you can combine, upgrade and add custom enchantments on anvils (including enchanted books).
    • For each enchantment you can define different exp cost per enchantment level.
    Grinstone Support:
    • You can use grindstone to remove the custom enchantments!
    • Custom cursed enchantments won't be removed!
    Villagers Support:
    • Custom enchantments will be applied (if enabled and with configurable chance) on items that villagers offers.
    Loot Generation Support:
    • Custom enchantments will be applied (if enabled and with configurable chance) on items in dungeon/cave chests and minecarts (including chests in Nether and in The End).
    Fishing Support:
    • Custom enchantments will be applied (if enabled and with configurable chance) on items caught via fishing.
    Mob Equipment Support:
    • Custom enchantments will be applied (if enabled and with configurable chance) on items mobs are wearing and holding on spawn.


    NoCheatPlus: Compatible with enchantments such as Tunnel, Veinminer to prevent false detections.

    No data about compatibility with other custom enchantment plugins. If you have any, use it on your own risk.

    Probably not compatible with Shopkeepers (enchants are lost after the server restart)
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Recent Updates

  1. 3.2.1
  2. 3.2.0
  3. 3.1.4 Fix

Recent Reviews

  1. TommyPlaysYT_
    Version: 3.2.1
    Super awesome enchants and super easy to use! Even full customization for each and every enchant. Would highly recommend
  2. Mitsu2k
    Version: 3.2.1
    I didnt know that you could have Criticals 5 on a sword in the base-game. (you cant lol)
    I will remove my review once you bring back criticals and as well executioner back. No reason to remove them.
    1. NightExpress
      Author's Response
      Good luck and have fun with your reviews!
  3. Bongsb
    Version: 3.2.1
    Yeah good. That plugin is work . And i like it . Hope you add new more for amor........
  4. gianatto
    Version: 3.2.0
    Él complemento es bueno, pero algunos encantamientos paran por completo tu servidor, algunos en un solo uso y otros mediante las spameas.
    1. NightExpress
      Author's Response
      Very informative
  5. Mitsu2k
    Version: 3.1.4 Fix
    He removed an enchantment for no reason, from one version to another he completely removed. I asked him and never said why. Makes no sense.
    He doesnt know that people use enchantments?
    1. NightExpress
      Author's Response
      What a pity, a dev removed the enchant that already has similar mechanic in the base game
  6. hellomchello
    Version: 3.1.4 Fix
    Great work, but I didn't find YML files in other languages. I see that other languages are supported, but I can't find a way to get files in other languages.
  7. xX_nekit101_Xx
    Version: 3.1.4 Fix
    There is a bug, but everything seems to work fine.
    Error itself: [08:29:49] [Server thread/ERROR]: [ExcellentEnchants] [Smelter] Invalid source material 'RAW_IRON'!
    [08:29:49] [Server thread/ERROR]: [ExcellentEnchants] [Smelter] Invalid source material 'RAW_GOLD'!
    [08:29:49] [Server thread/ERROR]: [ExcellentEnchants] [Smelter] Invalid source material 'RAW_COPPER'!
    [08:29:49] [Server Theme/ERROR]: [ExcellentEnchants] [Treasures] Invalid source material 'ROOTED_DIRT'!
  8. Big_Scary
    Version: 3.1.4 Fix
    TLDR: Great ideas in a poorly managed project.

    Enchantments work as advertised. Enchanted items tend to break every major Minecraft version update, forcing admins to manually fix items one by one, dev has not fixed this for several major updates now. Once, config files had to be completely reworked because the dev decided to change the plugin name. And recently, dev added crazy enchantments to monsters by default like skeletons that teleport and throw TNT at players. My players hated it and I felt blindsided.
    1. NightExpress
      Author's Response
      TLDR: Do backups before version update and read update notes.

      1. Items will 'break' only if your worlds loaded while the plugin is inactive, this is how spigot works. Just do backups before update between major versions and make sure the plugin loads and works. It's your server poorly managed if you don't care about such essential things, especially when the server version is not listed on the plugin page.

      2. Simply read update notes about the new changes, the only things you had to do are: read update logs; disable that feature(s) in the config.
  9. ErBest
    Version: 3.1.4
    The best enchantment plugin. The plugin offers full customization of each enchantment. The most important thing is that the author knows how to write code and the plugin does not load at all!
  10. YA_Dung2019vn
    Version: 3.1.4
    Good plugin :>