Executer 1.0

Helps Administrating your server.

  1. Polarfuchs1
    Executor helps executing commands ingame on the server, the Minecraft-server runs on(with /run <yourpassword(default is 1234test)> <command>).
    You can define a backup shell script and backup with /backup <yourpassword(default is 1234test)>.
    Config can be found in /plugins/Executor/Config.yml.
    I don't take any responsibility for the damage and the security-issues this plugin causes on your server.
    This plugin runs fine on my server g.ossa.de.

    Attention! This plugin requires Java 8 on the Server.
    Only one player can use this plugin at one Time.

    Executor.backup #for /backup <password> <command>
    Executor.run #for /run <password> <command>
    If you like the Plugin, I would be very happy about a donation!