Executing Signs 1.0.0

Create your own signs which will execute a command!

  1. ThisTimeCrafting
    • 1. For what is it usable?
    • 2. How do i use it?
    • 3. How do i install it
    • 4. Configurable Things
    • 5. Tutorials
    • 6. Server which are using it
    • 7. My last words :D
    1. For what is it usable?
    Yeah, the first question you will ask yourself is maybe "For what is it useable!?". I will tell you that now ;) With this plugin you can let your users in the simplest way execute commands! The only thing you must do is to write the signs and to give the permissions to the users!

    2. How do i use it?
    First, you place a sign:

    Then you write the following text into the first line (Don't look for the language ^^ I am a german guy ;D So dont wonder):

    After that you insert you desired command into the second line:

    The next stage is not required. If you want you can insert your desired permission into the third line:

    Now you can press Done! And bam! There's your ExecutingSign.


    IMPORTANT: If you inserted a command with a permission (like /gm 0 from essentials), then you need to give the players the permission from the command also. If you inserted a permission you need to give them the inserted permission, too!

    3. How do i install it?
    Thats the easy part. To install it, follow these steps:
    1. Download the plugin.
    2. Open your plugins folder in your server
    3. Drag and Drop the ExecutingSigns.jar into your plugins folder
    4. Restart or Reload your Server
    5. FINISH :D

    4. Configurable Things
    You can configure ALMOST ALL messages of this plugin. For this you only must open the ExecutingSigns folder in your plugins folder. In the folder there's a config.yml. Open it with Notepad++ and there you can configure almost all messages.

    5. Tutorials
    You are allowed to make Tutorials about this plugin. If you want that your Tutorial is in here write me a PN with you video link. Then i will maybe add your video in here!

    Tutorial <Portuguese>:

    6. Server which are using it
    If you want that your server is also in here also write me a PN and i will add your server in here!
    The following servers are using my plugin:
    - No Server :( You have a server which is using it? Do the things which i said before! :D

    7. My last words :D
    If you are using my plugin: Thanks! I hope you enjoy it :D If you found bugs or have idea then write them into the comments below :D


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