1. zhehe
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    greymerktv, Neubulae, Daddy_Spin
    This is a fork for a mc 1.12 mod called "Roguelike Dungeons". It will create some epic dungeons on specified world ( according to your config )

    About Inheritor Project:
    This project is now merged into https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/oh-the-dungeons-youll-go.74054/

    For 1.14.4, please download version `0.98`
    For 1.15, please download version `0.98.15`

    Just remember, this is a roguelike plugin, so the deeper, the harder

    Join my discord for any issues or errors: https://discord.gg/BtgmdDX
    Want some small dungeon? Take a look at: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/doomlike-dungeon-spigot.71062/

    How to use:
    It can be used with any over-world generator.

    Config Detail:


    Thanks to @LuxLacis

    How to use:
    1. For creating a new world:
    (1) Install this plugin
    (2) In console, run "advdun apply worldname"
    (3) Create world
    /mv create worldname normal

    (4) Enter the world, enjoy...

    2. For applying to existing world:
    (1) Install this plugin
    (2) In console, run "advdun apply worldname"

    (3) Restart server (IMPORTANT)

    Since 0.9, you can use command to place a dungeon.
    `/advdun_place`, require permisson `advanceddungeons.op`
    This will place a dungeon in your location

    How to get the location of dungeons:
    By default, the dungeons are quite rare. You can read `plugins\advanced_dungeons\log.txt`, it will tell you all the location of dungeons created by this plugin.

    How to make the dungeons more common:
    By default, the dungeons are quite rare. If you want to make it more common, just edit `plugins\advanced_dungeons\advanced_dungeons.cfg`, spawnChance=0.003, increase this value but it should be less than 0.5.


Recent Updates

  1. For 1.15 only
  2. Remove the `BLING` theme...
  3. 0.97 Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Stoermy
    Version: exit
    Hey mate, I clicked on 5 stars because I couldn't test it because the link doesn't work and comes a 1.16 Version too??
  2. Jodinar1993
    Version: 0.98.15
    This is a beautiful plugin, all my friends are loving it.

    Excited to see the "Oh the dungeons you'll go" project.
  3. Inviction
    Version: 0.98.15
    Working perfect on 1.15.1 An amazing plugin. give players so much more to do and even allows for groups to go in and explore.
  4. LoneDev
    Version: 0.98.15
    I missed these dungeons from the mod in Minecraft 1.7.10, thanks for this !
  5. ColdSphinX
    Version: 0.98.15
    My friends love the plugin since I've activated it on the server. Great dungeons, challenge and fun!
  6. Puremin0rez
    Version: 0.98.15
    Absolutely wonderful resource. The dungeons are a great challenge for end game players with great rewards.
  7. MVN
    Version: 0.98.15
    Great plugin and my players absolutely love it! It will add lots of spice and adventure to almost any vanilla minecraft world! Hopefully it continues to be supported!
  8. ItaloPL
    Version: 0.98.15
    A pity that the development of this wonder stops by an absurd comment.
    I hope she comes back. Very good plugin.
  9. Toylerrr
    Version: 0.98.15
    Works like a charm on 1.15, My players are having a blast finding them and taking on the challange. It would be super cool to beable to combine it with MythicMobs and have a Boss at the end.

    Thanks for the plugin
  10. AlphaVirion
    Version: 0.98
    Easy installation and instructions. Definitely worth the 5 Star rating. Does "0.003" mean "0.003%" chance of spawning?
    1. zhehe
      Author's Response
      0.003 means 0.3% per new chunk